Moviewatch: Falcon Punched Before Eating

Properly executed gank.

Properly executed gank.

I made a post before on how to survive on a PvP server.

The answer to your survival was a simple one: gank others before they can gank you.  This is the truth, and it always will be: if you are a carebear on a PvP server, 9/10 times that person won’t be a carebear back.

The only way to gank properly is to gank others when they are at their worst.  And when is the worst time for anything to happen? Obviously, when you’re eating.

This very capable PvPer shows us how it’s done: when you’re about to eat.

I present to you this SNL sketch with a twist…

Punching Before Eating!


One comment

  1. Huge GZ on your For The Horde achievement!!!

    I still have stormwind and Ironforge to do.
    I agree that the tram is waaaaay cool. especially that bit where the tunnel goes clear and you can see the water and fishes 😀

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