Bestial Wrath

Ability_Hunter_BeastWithinKlinderas was used to it at this point.

The rage would swell within him, overpower his sense of self.  His vision would go red with blood, his teeth would hurt, his skin would turn red all over his body.  The blood pumped so fast through him that his heart made a humming noise.

His mind would stop thinking.  All he could see, smell, and taste was his prey.  His vision, though clouded with red, would be perfectly clear when looking at his target.

Though some call it “Arugal’s Rage”, it is more simply known as lycanthropy.  Or at least a minor version of it.  The act of turning into part man, part beast is only present to those in tune with nature, and only those who have it could understand the pain it could inflict.  All Druids use the same type of energy to transform into bears and lions, but hunters such as Klinderas hardly had that kind of skill.

The problem with lycanthropy in a hunter is that, without proper training, the hunter gets overtaken by the beast within and turns into a fully fledged “werewolf”.  With time, the hunter would grow fangs, fur, and lose their sense of civilization.

Klinderas was one hunter who received the training to save him before it was too late.  The hunter trainers in Silvermoon had taught him how to transfer this inner beast into his companions.  This caused the beast to grow to twice its original size, and develop a taste for blood no matter how passive the beast originally was.  Klinderas defeated many opponents with this new found power, and it seemed like all was well.

As time went on, however, Klinderas began receiving stronger bursts of lycanthropic energy.  He could only transfer so much energy to his companion, and so the lycanthropy began to affect him again.

But it was different than before.  Because both he and his companions were affected by the same lycanthropic energy, they both could sense one another’s thoughts.  Together, with his new strength, he could defeat any opponent no matter how powerful they were.

Klinderas was used to the urges, the growls and howls in his mind occupying his senses.  His vision turned red with blood, and his skin crawled with the power that literally flowed through his veins.  He looked at Link, who looked back.

It was as if he was looking into a mirror, and Link and Klinderas both turned to their prey.

The night elf rogue was, at this point, terrified.  When he had attacked, the hunter had been half the size, and pink skinned.  Ever since awaking from his icy prison, the hunter had transformed before his eyes into a large, red monster.  His eyes were red and gold with rage, and his teeth had grown noticeably longer.  Small patches of fur had grown on the elf’s hands, fingers and face, making him look more animal than man.  His beast had grown to twice its original size, his fur had gone on end, and his teeth had become as long as daggers.  The beast’s drool ran thick and fast, and it too had gone red with blood.  Both the beast and the hunter looked like they would eat him, and in sync, both man and beast let loose a blood curdling scream and howled at the sky.

Klinderas was used to it now.  He was used to the beast within.  He was used to the smell of prey, of blood, and of death.

Klinderas was used to becoming a beast.


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  1. Altered Beast was a rocking game. “Wiiiise fwom the gwave!”

    I don’t know, random connections, perhaps? Altered appearance due to Beastial Wrath = Altered Beast?

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