Don’t Worry, It’s Not Terminal

... buh ifs fertaimly stuck in mah toof.

... buh ifs fertaimly stuck in mah toof.

May 24 is here for me, folks.  You know what that means?

I’m gone again folks.  To a place with no internet, to my standing knowledge.

What this means is that, with all obviousness, I won’t be able to post during this Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and possibly Monday as well.  But know this…

Upon my return, there will be some major posting going on, and every post will be juicy.  Yes, juicy.  You could make physical juice out of the posts I will write, and you will like it.

So what will the posts be about? Well, I’ll tell you something: I’ve got an itch.  I want to flex my RP muscles around this blog some more, and I think that this would be a cool time to try to flesh out how Colemand came to be where he is now.  In addition, I will write the next installment of the Furrious Raiders series: Cunning pets.  Lastly, I think it’s time we did something hunter related without it being a pet post, or a talent post.  I hope everyone likes strategy tips, because it’s time I did something new around here: Beastmaster/Marksman/Survivalist comparison post.  Well, actually, that’s more like a lineup of 3 posts…

In short, there will be stuff when I get back.

Lastly, I’m too sexy for these pants, but I must wear them anyway.  *sigh*