A Little Experiment


This could be big.

Much like the Stargate pictured here, I hope that I found something that would be a bit of a breakthrough for us Beastmastery hunters.

Right now, the big PvE Pet is a ferocity pet of some kind, more often a wolf(fistpump!) but it begs the question: have we tried everything? Granted, ferocity pets do the most damage by far.  There’s nothing, pet wise, that does more.

But is that really true? I can only wonder, since I’ve been doing a lot of meddling recently.  I’ve been writing the Furrious Raiders: The Cunning post for some time, and I began to wonder if they’re even viable for raids; or if they’re better for them, somehow.  So, as a Beastmaster, I am going to do some testing this week involving a new member to the team.

Dave decided to move out, so instead, we have Falco the Dragonhawk.
FalcoFalco here is the test subject to my new “Cunning Raid Pet” test.  I want to see how much DPS I can pump with a lvl 80 Dragonhawk under 2 environments.  The first is a Dummy subject: the second is in Heroics and(if I decide to make the tests long enough) 2 Naxx raids, one for Link and one for Falco.

Let the games begin!



  1. A few pathces ago (I can’t recall which) I had a Dragonhawk named Svetlana; I was startled to find she did almost as much DPS as my ferocity pets!
    I think with the new changes, that we can see them being competitive…hopefully.
    (I still use my Spirit Beast, Fea, for almost everything….)

  2. I ran the different cunning pets through the Shandara’s spreadsheet for my gear/25-man setup, and came up with the following, using this pet spec( http://www.wowhead.com/?petcalc#c0bo00fh0Mk0o ) and this talent spec( http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#chZ0eMoZx0ci0cIhedAhsu ).
    5911 with a Wolf
    5841 Ravager, Wind Serpent
    5839 Bat, Dragonhawk
    5828 Bird of Prey, Spider
    5827 Nether Ray, Serpent
    5809 Spore Bat (/sniff)

    All in all, definitely lower DPS than Ferocity, but within a reasonable margin for Ravagers, Wind Serpents, Bats and Dragonhawks.

    By Comparison, my current BM spec lists at 5743 with a Devilsaur, 5734 DPS with a Wolf, or 5614 with a Spirit Beast

  3. @Zhire
    I bet that Cunning will show some surprising results when I get Falco up to a decent level.

    @Fluffywumpki of Kilrogg
    The problem with DPS and cunning pets with a spreadsheet is the rigidity of math. Cunning pets, as I will explain in a later post, depend on the environment. A spreadsheet can’t really measure proper Cunning DPS thanks to talents like Cornered and Feeding Frenzy.

    As such, I think that this might be a good indicator of what could be the results of my test.

    Oh, and for AoE? The Sporebat(damn things) would be tons higher. Also, Chimeras seem to me like they would work well too, better than a Ravager for sure.

    And how the hell did ravagers get up there?! Serpents should be higher in my mind…

    So many things to test, so little time!

  4. I miss my wind serpent dearly. Alas, Aeris is still lvl 76. Wonder if Cunning damage will be roughly equivalent for non-BM specs as well?

    @ Fluffywumpki: /wave to another Kilrogg hunter!

  5. A little update for those interested:

    So far, Falco has been doing admirably. In some fights, he does much mroe than Link. In others, he does less. I’ll have to experiment as to why.

    I would suspect that Cunning is raid viable if you’re looking to stay in a fight longer, rather than a burn fest. I’m going to be making a more detailed post once I see results.

    But as far as feel goes, Cunning “feels” good.

  6. I look forward to seeing the update 🙂 gonna try sending Eric the Sporebat out tonight to help with the ‘bot spawns on XT-002 normal (last time we ran we got Nerf Engineering with 2 hunters pretending we were AOE classes, pets on boss.) Want to see if Spore Cloud sticks around long enough to buff Volley so I can get back on XT

    /wave Negathle
    Heard you on the Hunter’s Mark podcast, started blog following after 🙂 We may be different factions, but Hunter Pride > faction pride ^_^

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