Colemand Has A Few Words

And now, your host, COLEMAND!

And now, your host, COLEMAND!


In response to Klinderas’ overwhelming, music induced crying, I decided it was finally time to break it to him.

Klinderas, you are a total wuss.

Thank you.

It is pretty, though.

In any case, I have been asked some questions in my recent travels.  I was traveling north from Nagrand, and I came across a few people, and they asked me the following.

Why are you leaving us when there are so many things left to do?
Unfortunately, stalwart protectors of Nagrand, your quests are trivial and no longer satisfy my need for experience.  At this point, slaying the massive army of Ogres that pose impending doom to your town is not in my best interest, as it’s really way too easy.


Why is Garrosh so mopey?
It’s all Klin’s fault.  Apparently, Klinderas had a dancing competition against him and won.  This has left Garrosh bitter and self-loathing.

When I came to Nagrand, he immediately burst into tears, and ran to his hut saying something about “Not again! Not the gyrating hips!”

Either way, I really don’t want to know.

Do you know the pied piper?

Go away.

How do Ethereals taste?
Now, this is tricky.  When ethereals die, they go poof.  Poof means that they don’t have flesh, and it’s really hard to “eat” an ethereal.

However, they do leave a fine powder coating on the inside on their armor.  You can scrape off the coating, and use it as a condiment.  It’s pretty much pure arcane energy, so it tastes electric and sweet at the same time.

Apply on warlocks liberally.  With prejudice.

Until next time everyone, enjoy your lives.  Not that they really matter if you know the right people.



  1. Hm – I wonder if the ethereal powder would be comparable to Pop Rocks? Electric and sweet at the same time?

  2. @Anea
    Colemand here.

    It’s less like pebbles and more like a powder. Imagine pop rocks, but you can make anything taste like them.

    Ethereal Powder is sorta like that.

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