News From The Battlefield

We got their flag!.. for once.

We got their flag!.. for once.

I’m back from the war front!

Allies have died in droves, my gear has become tantamount to godlike, and my skill is legendary!..

Of course, that’s all from my point of view, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Colemand says a handful, but I told him to stuff it.

In any case, I’ve got some initial reactions to PvP as a new hunter with no gear to a semi-seasoned hunter with gear.

-Hit or miss.  Either it rocks, or it sucks, and it’s usually never in between.

-If it is in between, it’s fun but ends in a disappointing manner for the most part.

-Retadins don’t stand a chance here.  Death Knights are also easy enough.

-Actually, about retadins: most are played badly.  The good ones still roflstomp me thanks to blessing of freedom completely destroying my ability to kite, and tranq shot doesn’t ever get rid of it.  EVER.

-Rogues can go die in a fire.

-Mages? Ha! Warlocks? HA! Don’t even talk about druids: Feral is easy for Fafnir to kite, and resto can’t deal damage to save their lives.  Boomkins, however, can prove tricky due to plate armor levels.

-About healers: I have no problem against any of them.  Priests are particularly weak to me for some weird reason.  They feel squishier than the rest.

-TANKS.  I CAN DRIVE TANKS! *rabid* Oh, and prot anything is easily kitable, speaking of tanks.

-Eye of the Storm still sucks major bunions.

-Alterac Valley sucks more than it used to, which is impressive to say the least.

-Strand of the Ancients is the best battleground for honour farming hands down.

-Warsong Gulch is still the worst.

-Also, Seaforium Charges.  Engineering needs more of those, Blizzard.  Please give me lockpicking bombs.

-Arathi Basin is fun, but it takes a long time.  Longer than Alterac Valley does.  That’s a sad, sad state of affairs where the 40 man raid fights are shorter than the 15 man skirmishes.  *cry*

-Beastmasters have to be really careful about their pets.  REALLY careful.  Pays off when the pet is a Chimera though, those things ROCK.  Survivalists do so much burst it makes pop rocks seem flat.  Marksmanship is like a jack in the box.  It waits a good 8 seconds, and then it hits like a truck.

-Chimeras own.  Fafnir can crit for 1 300 on occasion, and is hard to kill too.  It’s silly.

-What’s going on? West? Okay… oh I died.  Umm, okay, I’m alive.  Hey! They’re in our base! THEY MUST DIE! Wait huh? We lost? Oh nads.

-Okay, we’re attacking this time… OH! TANKS! TANKTANKTANKTANKTANK! *explosions* Roflstomped, biznatch.

-RP-GG.  ’nuff said.

-Please, it’s not a “Plaguecarrier”, it’s a meatwagon.  Durr.  Or it should be, anyway.

-And why does the Alliance get our demolishers and Plaguemachines? That’s ridiculous, those are ours, not yours.

-Honour BUCKET.  Holy cow is there a lot of honour to be had.

-Marks of Wintergrasp take too long to get.  Way too long.

-If you’re focused, you die.

-Retadins with Tenacity greater than 3 are invincible.  Same with Unholy Death knights.


-Would the following classes go die in a fire please: Holy Paladins, Retribution Paladins, Death Knights, and any combination of Rogues, Mages, and Priests.

-No but really? Rogue Mage Priest is stupid powerful.  Too many CC abilities to even stand a chance.

-Rogues are brutal.  Please nerf the noodle arms or expand our flare effect, please.

-Only way to survive a rogue is to be a beastmaster or have a very good healer.  I chose to be a Beastmaster and if possible find a healer.  But being a Beastmaster works for now.

-Getting the jump on the rogue presents fun times, however.  Dead in 5 seconds is fun!

-Getting jumped by a rogue means death.  2 v 1, and the rogue won.  Sap and Blind are an automatic 20 seconds of CC, 11 seconds minimum.  Gouge is another 4.5, and the rogue cna always reset the match.

-In short, rogues control the match.  Hunters are along for the ride.

-Learn to use Master’s Call or die.

-No really, it’s not useless.  USE IT.


-Same goes for your traps: make sure you use them every cooldown.

-Before even walking into an arena, have the 4 piece PvP set, an anti-CC trinket, and 1 other piece of PvP gear.  If you don’t, you will die faster than you aready will even if you had that all.

-Keep your hit rating at around 168 to stay at the hit cap of 5%, or you will fail.  Badly.

-I don’t care, but Orgrimmar arena ROCKS.  Learn to use the terrain, even if it does seems random.  No strategy in the RNG? Stop complaining! Control only makes stuff predictable: the unpredictable and how you handle it is what makes a good PvPer.

-Dalaran Sewers are… interesting.  Going fwoosh is smartest for hunters since it allows you to check for humanoids before being able to be killed, and then being placed somewhere advantageous.

-Nagrand is still the most love/hate relationship arena in my books.

I’m a total noob, and need practice.  More later.



  1. “..any combination of Rogues, Mages, and Priests.”

    My 2v2 mage/priest team has learned the hard way … kill the #$@#% survival hunter first. Sorry. I go into complete panic mode when I get hit by explosive shot. BM? TBH, we haven’t faced too many of them. Not sure why, I would think Bestial Wrath would be pretty powerful. I certainly enjoyed it when I had to do BGs for children’s week. Man, my mage would dearly love the immunity to fear part of BW when we’re facing a darn lock. Their ability to chain cast fear is … *grumble*

    As for rogues … whether I’m on the mage or the hunter … I’m in total agreement with the DIAF sentiment. If I can get any burst at all on him, he’s dead … but that means we either have to CC his partner, or his partner has to suck. And you wanna know what’s the worst? There have been several times we’ve faced a rogue/rogue team. /shudder

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