Where Klinderas Is Selfish

Ball = DPS

Ball = DPS

I’ve been testing, feeling, experimenting… use any other words you deem appropriate, but I’ve been in a dilemma.

I’ve been torn between Survival and Beastmastery for PvE for the longest time.  For the past 3 weeks I’ve been dancing between the two trees.  Marksmanship just isn’t my cup of tea, so it’s not in on this.

It seemed that Survival did better DPS.  It STILL does.  But I don’t like it.  For almost half the effort, I can do more DPS in survival than I can in Beastmastery.  I never have to change Aspects for more then 3 seconds, and I don’t have to worry as hard about my pet if he gets hit by a Heigan wave.

But it’s just that: it’s too easy to do well with.  Survival is boring to me.  Complex Shot Priority System(SPS) my ass; I’ve got the damn thing down to a science.  Black Arrow, Serpent Sting, Explosive Shot, 3 Steady Shots, rinse and repeat steps 3+4 until Black Arrow is usable again.  Kill Shot whenever possible.

Aside from the occasional movement on my end, I don’t really do much else.  I actually fell asleep at my keyboard playing like this.

Beastmastery might be an easier SPS, but it is so much more fun for some weird reason.  Having to switch between Aspect of the Viper and Aspect of the Hawk creates interest.  Having to worry about the movement of my pet is much more of an issue, and this creates interest.  Having a pet the size of a school bus creates interest.

I have to work harder for lower DPS, but it’s more rewarding.  If my Ego is telling me I should be topping the meters, I’ll tell Mr. Ego to stuff it.  This isn’t about Ego: this is about being able to stay awake to play my damn game.

Hail to Beastmastery(even if it is sub-par at the moment)!



  1. I’m with you on that one. I didn’t spend two months hunting Loque … just so that I could stable him and respec in order to be the ‘best’ spec of the day. I suppose if I were a progression raider it would be a different story. But even in the one trip I made to Ulduar, in the end, what mattered was that I did my job correctly and the boss died…not whether I was #1 on the meter. You’re more likely to do better in your role if you’re using the spec that you like….not fallin asleep can only be a good thing. :p

  2. I agree! I enjoy playing much more with my wonderful exotic pets by my side, and I’ll gladly come in lower on the meters if it means there’s a giant red dinosaur biting away at the boss. 😀

  3. Good for you! More people should feel comfortable enough to play the spec they like instead of being pigeon holed into a specific one just because of a few hundred dps.

    I’ve always been of the mindset that if my few hundred dps difference means the difference between winning and losing? Then we have bigger issues. 😛

    Not that I’m advocating slacking, but usually such a minute difference shouldn’t be the only reason for me being able to raid or not. 🙂

    Good luck! An go get all big read and stuff!! >)

  4. Oh, the irony. I love this reversal of roles from BC.

    Glad you are enjoying the road less traveled, so to speak!

  5. Basically what Repgrind said.

    However, if you are in a progression raiding guild that needs 110% from each player/class, then you kind of have to choose the spec that puts out the most DPS. Hard as one may try right now, BM just doesn’t have the oomph. It’s super fun, but as far as PvE goes it can’t measure up (yet). Plus, Ulduar has some very pet unfriendly fights.

    All that said though, kudos for doing what you have the most fun doing. That’s what the damn game is all about, having a good time.

  6. @Hesston – I guess it’s this way. If your in a min/max guild. Then what you call fun is probably not tied to your spec, but the bosses you down and the phat lootz you get.

    Your right, BM doesn’t do the ultimate damage, but it does enough damage for most raiders. And like you said, “That’s what the damn game is all about, having a good time.” lol

  7. Hail to beastmastery!
    Though I did spec SV for the replenishment in certain fights…but man, do I LOVE BEASTMASTERY.

  8. I love BM too ! I wish I could allways play BM.
    I just applied in a “top guild” and the class officer told me “forget about Beast Mastery”… But the GM said : “we need a good BM hunter !”.
    I’ll show them you can raid with BM, even if for the moment, I’m learning the fights as Survival, because like you said, it’s easier.

    You’re not selfish playing your game the way you want. You’ve got the right to do it. And BM is not that bad in raids.

  9. Oddly enough I actually find SV to be the most difficult to play of all the hunter specs right now.

    But… I was never exactly known for being a good learner. XD

  10. Yeah…I love having a giant worm following me around as I run the lower-level guildies through Stocks. And a giant dino following me through AV. Or a giant red wind serpent or warp stalker. Sure, they aren’t BM, but Kael is so cute when he’s big and red.

    @Pike-Yeah, it seems to me that way too, always trying to deal with a bazzilion procs. But again, I’m not a great hunter. I’m a level 72 BM hunter with attention span difficulties who DC’s in the middle of the battle against the raid boss.

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