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FC_NotEqual_41725_lgLast night, I was spending time with friends of mine I hadn’t seen in a few weeks.

We go to talking about the wars, the dangers, and the overall life in World of Warcraft.

One of my friends hates PvP, like another friend of mine does(Rilgon, I’m looking at you).  However, when I asked why, it was entirely about balance.  His first response was that it was too hard to get into, and that it’s required a lot more work to begin playing PvP.

Which, I said, was bogus.  Harder to get into?

I spent 3 weeks getting the PvE gear I have.  I’ve spent, easily, 7 000+ gold staying equipped for it.  I’ve been glued to my screen when there wasn’t anything more pressing than WoW to do.

1 week of PvP.  I have 524 resilience(which isn’t bad, or so I’m told) and a successful arena team.  I’ve spent 1 000 – 2 000 gold, max.  In all honesty, I found it so much easier than PvE.  PvE, you step into instance after instance hoping to get the drop you want.  For me, I was incredibly lucky.  I got a lot of loot very quickly due to an amazing amount of luck.  But most people don’t have that kind of loot luck.

In fact, the reason that all of my friends quit WoW was because raiding was “a full-time job”.  A fun one, maybe, but a job? How is that easier to get into? There are applications to get into the bigger guilds, and it has been pointed out that some of them are just pointless posturing.  Either way, you need a resume to play a game? That’s not easy to get into at all.

To keep this fair, we’re not going to mention that battlegrounds are available as early as level 10, that a PvP server is a constant PvP fight, and that the money cost is lower.  For one, when you hit 80, the higher end brackets are all available right there.  No need to gear yourself.

When you do the first couple fo battlegrounds, you will die.  Well, duh, who doesn’t? But even when you lose, you get something out of it.  You get honour.  More honour means more gear.  In PvE, a loss is a loss.  For me, it also means 13 gold every time I die, plus whatever amount of money it cost for ammunition and other buffs.  Plate armor people like Colemand have to pay even more.  The money you pick up from a Naxx can help with the repairs, but that’s only if you can clear it fast enough without a lot of deaths.  If you manage to wipe on Patchwerk 3-4 times, you just lost 50+ gold.

2 hours of Arena: 13 gold.  Tops.  2 Hours of Battlegrounds: 15 Gold, tops.

Secondly, you can do PvP whenever it’s convenient for you.  This makes it so much easier to get into! For a raiding guild, you have raiding times.  You must abide, or you can’t raid with them.  In addition, raids will take anywhere between 2-5 hours on raid nights.  PvP is whenever you feel like, for however long you feel like it, and you can leave at any point and time if there’s an emergency and no one will care.

Lastly, there’s Wintergrasp.  Waltz in, get boatloads of honour, and then walk out.  You get Tokens to buy more gear, and you get a chance to raid the Vault of Archavon.  Most importantly, Wintergrasp is the perfect place for the beginning PvPer: gear isn’t a factor.  The lowliest geared mage could walk into a tank or a turret and blast the everloving shit out of people.  What’s the equivalent in PvE? Ulduar? Heck no, because the vehicles have hp based on the quality of the items you are wearing.  So, gear is a requirement, and good gear at that.  Good gear is expensive, and you know the rest of the story.

It is my humble submission that, in fact…


…it is much easier to get into PvP!





  1. being able to know for a fact that you’re getting something helps alot, i lost track of the naxx runs i did without getting a single piece of gear. I know i need 39,000 honor for some bracers or a belt, there’s no waiting another week for a chance to be let down again.

    Only problem with BGs is twinks, most are skilless people who have to rely on gear to compete. With zero twink gear i was killing other rogues before they had a chance to fight back, they make bonehead moves because they’re used to people just rolling over and dying.

  2. @Negathle
    Arenas are normal PvP, just with less people. It’s still easier to get into than PvE anyways, that being my point.

    The thing with twinks is that when they do finally level, they do suck as you say. The other thing that bugs me are the “flavour of the month” people. Every hunter I see is a survivalist, and yes I was having problems against them. Then I realized my pet is bigger than theirs, and slaughtered them in melee where I couldn’t be shot.

    Yes, I am a melee huntard, and it worked for once. Fight on your own terms, yes?

    It’s creative thinking like that that twinks lack sometimes, and flavour of the month people can’t develop. Play what you’re good at, and use your brain.

    Damn straight!

  3. I played countless arena matches during late S3 -S4 as double melee hunter, some of the most fun I’ve ever had. We sat on top of a resto druid long enough with wingclips to make him oom himself from shifting to remove the snares 😀

    No one ever expected two hunters to rush them and sit on top of them while they’re stuck in a frost trap.

  4. Oh, believe me I sit on other SV hunters. By the end of a BG i am being focus fired by every other hunter on their team, nothing like being swarmed by 4-5 pets every time you rez.

  5. I disagree. Arenas have changed the game, drastically. Now there is a concern about balance between the classes that was not there before. Every class has to have X ability to counter every class’ Y ability. Battle grounds you didn’t have to deal with this because you have numbers. Arenas changed that. Not only that, but they require a constant team to deal with. It is as easy to get into because you need to make sure your partner(s) are online when you are.

  6. @Negathle
    That’s a really good point. So Arenas=Raid, then. The game is balanced around those two, so I think that’s a fair comparison.

    Finding 9-24 other people to play with for 2-3 hours a night 2 nights a week still sounds harder than finding 1-4 other people for like, however long you want to.

    The costs a still drastically lower for Arena since raid food, elixers and other raid buffs aren’t usable.

    The only thing that makes raiding easier is that there aren’t “good times” to queue up for really.

  7. I find PvE much easier. Because I’m a healer, and I can get a dungeon group much faster and much more successfully than I can do any sort of PvP. I also get badges, gold, loot, and other things that help me along the way.

    In PvP, my priest might as well just shadow word death himself. But that would only be prolonging his inevitable death.

    It’s why I loved AV though and even AB was okay, because there were many people out there and I could get lost in the crowd a bit before being noticed. I haven’t done an arena yet, because there’s no where to hide there, and the way that warriors, hunters, rogues, mages, warlocks, DKs, druids, and shaman rip through my cloth, there’s no point. 😦

    Glad it works for you though! That’s what I like, there’s something for everyone. Though I will agree with Negathle, I do dislike changes that happen to my PvE game so that things will be more fair in PvP.

  8. @Troutwort
    I agree that having the PvP changes change the PvE game sucks balls. Really, that needs to be changed in a big way.

    It’s not fair to those who enjoy playing one game and dont like playing the other. I’m sure that PvP people complain about PvE changes too, too be honest.

  9. Troutwort, I completely agree there, yah yah we have a disc spec which owns face, but really, on my priest one word describes me, that’s PvE. That’s really why I play the dk for PvP, yah come out and find me and you get a mace to the face! Not saying that priests are bad in PvP, just I don’t like playing them like that!

  10. @troutwort: Not really, as a priest you just need to stay out of line of sight of just about anyone, throw shields on your partner(s) and yourself, a renew here and there and keep PoM up.

  11. @ Kordwar – I assume you’re talking about arenas? I still am to scared to try them on my priest. I have spent too much time flirting with the rez lady in BGs. Arena seems to me that it would keep track of that in form of a number to show how terribad I am at PvP. I mean, I’ve told you guys, but I just like to pretend PvP doesn’t exist. He he.

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