The Start Of Something New

... blue?

... blue? Why blue? SO uncouth...

Well, It seems blogging is a disease.

And I spread it.  Which means I’m not the cure.

Which means I totally ruined that line.

A good friend of mine, ex-guild leader(not his fault), and squeakie priesty in training Eldadres has decided it was time to make a blog.

Like myself he also has a death knight in his employ, named Elnoriah.  That took me awhile to learn how to pronounce.  It’s like the spanish word El, with Moriah on the end if Moriah had an N to begin with.

And you thought my name could be confusing.  Although his does certainly roll off your tongue when you get it right.

So here’s to a new beginning! He’s burning Plagued Candles over there, so be careful about the smell.  Don’t break anything.  Be nice.

And find out where he keeps his brownies.

Welcome to the pack Eldadres, and good luck with Plagued Candles, the newest priest/DK blog on the interwebs!


One comment

  1. Squeaky!? My voice isn’t THAT bad… either way thanks Klin, as well as thanks for the help with setting up/influencing me to do this.

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