We’re Recruiting!

Watchoo want?

Watchoo want?

More blogroll updates!

I’ve been promising to do this one for some time, and yet every time I make to finally go through with it I forget.  Proof of a shoddy memory.

In any case, I’d like to present to you Kordwar, from WTF, Are You Survival?.

I’ve been reading from his blog for some time, and this Orc has got a great deal of PvP knowledge that has helped me to understand the Arena scene, what to do, and how to do it to an extent.  That said, the best piece of advice is to use your own brain and do what works for you.

Big, mean, and green, Kordwar is one of the only PvP hunter blogs I’ve found.  Actually, he’s the only one I’ve found.  Maybe I should give it a shot?

Welcome to the pack, Kordwar!.. wait, who are you bringing with you?


Huh? Who?

Huh? Who?

Why is he so important?

He writes a blog chronicling his journeys as a Human Rogue you say? Interesting.  So why is he here?


He drew the pictures.  That is a very good reason.  Plus, he writes really well and has brought up some interesting stuff so far!

Welcome to the Pack, Samyon! Here’s to the Record of Samyon!