Who Or What Makes You

Which one are we judged by?

Which one are we judged by?

When I ask myself what I am, I can answer that quite easily.

I am a Hunter.

Am I good? Heck yes I am.  I’m a top quality hunter, I know what I am doing, and I know a lot about my class.  Anyone who has played with me can see that all of this is true.

Most people don’t see this however.  Last night, I ran 3 things: Vault of Archavon, Old Kingdom, and Violet Hold.

The Vault went incredibly well for me, and I topped the meters as a beastmaster.
ScreenShot_061109_012318I only did 3.1k DPS, but this was off of Archavon alone.  Archavon isn’t kind towards pets because of the Cloud and the miss chance, so I’m surprised I did this well.  Either way, this is very washy but nonetheless effective proof that I don’t totally suck.

So I move on to my Old Kingdom run.  Our group seems okay, and we move out.  Turns out the tank doesn’t exactly know how it goes down, and we quickly find out that the priest is a bit high strung.  After wiping once due to something avoidable, he’s okay.  After wiping to a glitch, he snaps.

“It’s 10 gold every time we wipe.  So don’t wipe!” or something to that effect.

I am in worse gear.  My repair bill is 12 gold every time I die.  He is in cloth.  He needs to be quiet.

So, we continue the run, him arguing that he is annoyed at wiping, and me saying that’s it’s not the end of the world.  I can understand being frustrated, but you don’t voice it like a whiny brat.  That only affects the group negatively.

We get to Anub’Arak and we wipe on him because the melee forgot that pound kills players.  When we get back to the boss fight, I ask for the paladins to buff my pet.  It’s at this point that our pries decides to really go for me.

“Oh, beastmaster.  That explains everything.”

I’m a little angry at this point.  What the hell does that explain?

“Excuse me?”

“It explains why you suck.” He says.  He then goes on to demonstrate just how much I suck by talking about how, since my talent tree is sub par, I am a worse player for playing it.  I am by definition a “bad player”.  This attitude angers me; I hate being told I “suck” or that I’m bad at something when I know I am good at it.

Thing is, I know I’m a good hunter.  I know I’m a good player.  But what he sees is a hunter with a penchant for picking a spec that sucks.  Can I really blame him for thinking that I suck? At first, I’d like to think so.  The guy is shortsighted, oblivious, and really stuck up; but he’s got a point.  I’m not doing as much DPS as the guy next to me.  My Marksmen brethren are doing more DPS, and are therefore “better” than I am.  That makes sense to me, and it kind of hurts.  I technically do suck compared to those other hunters.

You know what though? I don’t care.  Unless my DPS is actually killing the group and 400 DPS is going to save the day, forget it.  I play this game to have fun.  Beastmastery is fun.  Ergo, screw you you ninny, I’m going to go big and red if I feel like it.  I pay $15 bucks a month to play this game, and I’m going to enjoy it.

Next time I see you, by the way, I am misdirecting the nearest boss to your face.

So, I ran a quick Violet Hold to get that off my mind.  On Cyanigosa, I managed a whopping 4k DPS.  See, that’s called awesome.

Some people never learn though.
Removed from groupFigures.

So what are you? Do you look at people and see how good they are by their skill or their spec, and which do you think is more accurate?



  1. Skill all the way. Spec is meaningless if you can’t play it well.

  2. Oh my gosh, just reading that makes me all angry! I hate people like that! If I happened to be running a PUG and found out that the Hunter was BM, my first thought would be “Oh, that’s different! Let’s see how it does!” I haven’t seen a BM hunter in a long time, and it would be a bit refreshing. 🙂

    Screw those guys! We know you rock Klin.

  3. If we’re downing bosses and killing stuff I don’t care if you forgot to put all your talents points in. I’m there to get a job done, and for goodness sake, I’ve been in PUG groups with my priest where we wiped far more times than that for something stupid and we just shake it off, chuckle about, don’t forget not to stand in poison this time, and keep on moving on.

  4. I never got the “lol 4k with your pet”

    4k is 4k.

    The first day i went survival BM was king, and after beating a bunch of people in duels outside of Org I saw someone yell “SURVIVAL SUCKS ASSHOLE” and challenged me. Did i lose? of course. Did I challenged him again, laugh when he said “gotta wait for tbw” then LoS around the giant rock and kill his pet? you betcha.

    Go with what you know, never let people who go cookiecutter get you down.

  5. Yea, that torques me too. Sometimes I wish I could pull these little bitches through my screen and beat the living crap out of them. Maybe some real life pvp if you know what I mean. I guess I’m a crappy mood today. Dang, on a Friday too.

  6. Play what you like. I spent way too much time in Naxx worrying that because I wanted to play BM, I wouldn’t be as valuable as a raider as my fellow MM and SV hunters. My guild master kept telling me not to worry about it, he said, “Yeah, maybe you won’t be doing the -most- DPS, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do GOOD DPS!” It took me a while to come around to that way of thinking, but eventually I realized he’s right. Nobody can top the meters ALL the time anyway! So I do the best I can with the tools I have as Beast mastery, I filled up my stable with exotic pets, and I am having the time of my life. 🙂 In the end, that’s the only important thing, isn’t it?

  7. I know that BM is behind SV/MM in DPS in the most perfect conditions but I play BM because I LOVE it. I “grew up” with it so to say. It’s fun and maybe because I’d call myself an “animal” person in real life (Love ’em. Have a dog, cats, a horse…) I love the hunter/pet synergy that you get in BM. I have personally played all 3 specs and while I don’t claim to be a ‘master’ by any means in the other two I know enough as a hunter that neither of the three specs is harder than the other. Anyone who says that is fluffed up.

    But really, Klin, you are an awesome hunter and you are ABSOLUTELY right about playing the game to have fun. Why else would you play?
    Also I really dislike having another class tell me how to play my class and know that by comments they make, they know nothing about the class I play.

  8. Please, please tell me you used your tagline on that Priest” “You’re annoying my dog”. XD

  9. I’m totally offended for you…how dare anyone tell another person how they should be spec’d especially someone of your calliber. Makes you want to sic your pet on the squid.

  10. Pfft, Klin don’t worry about that Prick… he probably wasn’t as good a priest as me /flex. But really, don’t worry about what some nub says about you. You, me, and everyone else knows it’s false and they’re just trying to redirect the groups attention to you so that no one realizes that they suck.

  11. Ah yeah – I run into a d-bag like that every now and then – hard as it is – you just have to ignore them.

    The level of asshattery you see from people that can’t be drug through their screen and donkey punched is *unbelievable*

    So your pet helped you hit 4k dps? How is that different than a survival hunter praying for explosive shot crits or lock and load procs? It isn’t. Hunter’s can do great dps – but not via face-roll – you have to know how to play regardless of your spec. That guy was just a whiny bitch of a priest used to being carried through heroics looking for someone to vent at.

    Face it Klin’ – the dude was probably just mad that he’s still healing. We both know he really wants to play his hunter 😉

  12. I am completely with Brajana on this. Screw that guy, we all know BM still rocks. Might not be king right now, but rocks all the same.

    Stuff like this makes me really appreciate my horde guild. No one cares if I’m using my BM or MM specs; so long as the boss goes down, it’s all good. Heck, one of my guildies even helped me get my spirit kitty!

    And… 4k DPS? Wow, who cares if your pet helped or not? 4k is still 4k.

  13. Love your spec – play what you love.

    And Hunter DPS is comprised of their damage and their pet’s. Your damage without your pet is meaningless. Really, these people really need to l2p – sorry, no better way to say it.

  14. I will tell you only this:

    Now you know what I endured from your kind for the entirety of Burning Crusade.

    My sympathy exists because you’re my friend and because I know what it’s like, but to say that there isn’t a devil on my shoulder that smirks and whispers “It’s about time!” would be a lie. *shrug*

  15. @Fluffywumpki of Kilrogg
    Score me: 1. Score Priest: 0. I like these odds. I’m making a tally.

    Thanks Brajana! You’re right, we all know I rock this house. /flex

    I agree: The easiest way to increase your DPS is to follow my handcrafted rules for raiding:
    1. Don’t stand in Fire.
    2. Don’t stand in Fire.
    3. Repeat 1 + 2.

    Surprisingly, I get the “lol 4k with ur pet” a lot. It’s refreshing to see that’s not the case everywhere!

    Real Life PvP is something I have yet to experience past my Twink stages(i.e, grade 4).

    Indeed! Having fun is the point of this game!

    I’m right with ya on another class telling you how to play. Really? It’s a little annoying. Just a mite. I do this only rarely after I ask if they want my opinion and they say yes. I only offer my opinion if I think I have something smart to say.

    Dammit! I should have thought of that, Link was with me and everything!

    If by squid you mean vainglorious blood elf priest, then yes. It makes me want to sic my Pets on the squid. 😀

    Actually, he did a good job of spreading shit everywhere. It was kind of impressive to see someone without a sense of politics.

    Damn straight. It has been proved many times that everyone is a closet hunter!

    I guess numbers don’t lie, do they? Thanks Sarai!

    @Negathle + Rilgon
    For you two hardcore MM hunters, this must be one of two things: sweet vindication or simply the way of the world. Either way, I hope I can be as persistent as you two because god knows I’m normally not. Thank you both!


    ME: 15
    PRIEST: 0


  16. Luckily, I’ve never been judged that way. (At least, no one’s ever been brash enough to say anything to me about it, if I have been.)

    I never judge based on spec. I never even look – why bother? You could have the “best/right” spec, but still not play it well. You could be an offspec and rock it. What do I care? Do your job and don’t let me die. /nodnod

  17. @ Klin, Rigid

    See, I *was* going to give him that guilt trip, then I decided not to. It was in the past, and vindication ages poorly. It tastes sweet for a bit, but it quickly becomes bitter.

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