Day: 2009-06-14

Pet Training: A Necessary Evil?

Forget about sitting sister, how about getting him to level?!

Forget about sitting sister, how about getting him to level?!


We can have 5 of them, Warlocks get 4, and anyone else only gets one.(i.e, Death Knight Ghouls.  No one else gets a permanent pet!)

Unlike everyone else though, we have the glorious chore of levelling our pets.  Sure, they auto level to 5 levels below the hunter, but those 5 levels can be huge sometimes.  At level 10, your pet catches up from level 5 by the time you get 3/4 of your experience bar.  At level 80, however, it takes almost an hour to get your pet to level once, and that’s if you’re in a good spot.  Can you all remember how long it takes to level from 75 to 80? That’s pretty much it, except hunters do that grind up to 6 times: once for the player, and once for every pet.  On top of that, any new pets have the potential to restart this astoundingly boring chore.

It’s a necessary evil though: the reason why no one else levels their pets is because their pets are tools rather than a companion, something to be used rather than be with.  It’s a very important part of the flavour of the class, and it makes hunters different from warlocks.  It’s annoying, but it’s necessary and important to our game.  It teaches us more than any other class that there are consequences to making a wrong choice, which I find is important.

For example, lets take little Timmy here as an example.

Aint that just... just... there?

Aint that just... just... there?

In any case, Little Timmy(Hereby LT) decides it is a good idea to eat some explosives.  LT eats the explosives, and he then sits down on a fire in a very abrupt manner.  The explosives are filled with Nitroglycerin.

Now, in a world where there are consequences to your actions, LT would suddenly find himself in many places at once.  However, if LT lives in a world where there are no consequences, he would burp loudly and move on.

Leveling pets is similar in a sense: it’s a way to make sure that the hunter doesn’t just switch through pets like tissue paper.  It teaches the value of having the strongest and most important pets in the game and there are consequences to having pets this powerful.

However, it’s still torture to level pets.  Like really? WTB Rare Candy, PST.

The key to leveling pets is to find a good place with fast spawns at your level, not the pet’s.  I’ve found one really good place, so long as the leather workers don’t come running in.

Leveling Daggers takes less time.  Sheesh.

Leveling Daggers takes less time. Sheesh.

This cave directly east of Gromarsh Crash Site is one such area.  Fast respawns, easy to kill mobs, and none of them hit particularly hard.  Like I said though, this place is frequently crawling with Leatherworkers, so it can be hard to level pets here.

What do you guys think about levelling pets? Is it a necessary evil for our class identity or is it just a pain in the rear? Should they make it shorter? Longer? Do you even care?

Probably the most important question, do you know any other good places to level them?


I’ve Been Tricked!



While making some chaos and wreaking havoc, I have come across something very important; for battlegrounds, you want a ferocity pet.

I learned this the hard way when another BM hunter sent a Spirit Beast into my face and I was unable to out-damage the mighty beast.  Fafnir is great for Arenas, but when damage is the name of the game a Cunning pet just cant do it as well as a Ferocity pet.

So, it was time to go hunting again.  I bid Radix goodbye as I felt it was time to try something new and learn more about pets.

Specifically, I got on the train to Wasp ville, and got one of the Sholozar wasps.  This is the picture on Petopia.

Bad.  Ass.  Twice my size.  Before Bestial Wrath.

Bad. Ass. Twice my size. Before Bestial Wrath.

Awesome no?

Here’s what I got.

Viewed from Hunter Zoomed Distance(HZD)

Viewed from Hunter Zoomed Distance(HZD)

This is, unfortunately, half the size I had expected, and this made me sad.  I almost dismissed the beast when… I discovered something amazing.

His wings sound like a cello.

That's more the size I was thinking of.

That's more the size I was thinking of.

But why nerf the size? How big of a problem is having a big pet? I suppose that having them be Boss sized is bad, but the LSD wasp of doom was huge… and we can no longer tame himher.  I see a trend…

Let’s just hope these purple guys don’t get the nerf bat.

He has a happy face on his forehead... Creepy.

He has a happy face on his forehead... Creepy.

Either way, the Drones in Sholozar Basin have been nerfed and I didn’t know until I caught one! They’re sleeker though…

Until further notice, Cello the Wasp is now a part of my pack! I’ll be using him in Battlegrounds and I will be attempting to see how he does in arenas as a ferocity pet.

I beg the question though: What do you think about large pets? Do you think they should all be roughly the same size? And what does nerfing them accomplish?