I’ve Been Tricked!



While making some chaos and wreaking havoc, I have come across something very important; for battlegrounds, you want a ferocity pet.

I learned this the hard way when another BM hunter sent a Spirit Beast into my face and I was unable to out-damage the mighty beast.  Fafnir is great for Arenas, but when damage is the name of the game a Cunning pet just cant do it as well as a Ferocity pet.

So, it was time to go hunting again.  I bid Radix goodbye as I felt it was time to try something new and learn more about pets.

Specifically, I got on the train to Wasp ville, and got one of the Sholozar wasps.  This is the picture on Petopia.

Bad.  Ass.  Twice my size.  Before Bestial Wrath.

Bad. Ass. Twice my size. Before Bestial Wrath.

Awesome no?

Here’s what I got.

Viewed from Hunter Zoomed Distance(HZD)

Viewed from Hunter Zoomed Distance(HZD)

This is, unfortunately, half the size I had expected, and this made me sad.  I almost dismissed the beast when… I discovered something amazing.

His wings sound like a cello.

That's more the size I was thinking of.

That's more the size I was thinking of.

But why nerf the size? How big of a problem is having a big pet? I suppose that having them be Boss sized is bad, but the LSD wasp of doom was huge… and we can no longer tame himher.  I see a trend…

Let’s just hope these purple guys don’t get the nerf bat.

He has a happy face on his forehead... Creepy.

He has a happy face on his forehead... Creepy.

Either way, the Drones in Sholozar Basin have been nerfed and I didn’t know until I caught one! They’re sleeker though…

Until further notice, Cello the Wasp is now a part of my pack! I’ll be using him in Battlegrounds and I will be attempting to see how he does in arenas as a ferocity pet.

I beg the question though: What do you think about large pets? Do you think they should all be roughly the same size? And what does nerfing them accomplish?



  1. I mean, after all, it’s the hive queen. 😛

    She’s my sapphire hive queen and I luff her to pieces and if I log on after work and she’s not huge as ever I will murder every living being at Blizz HQ*.

    *Disclaimer: not rly

  2. I’m personally not that big a fan of having ginormous pets (or flying ones, for that mater) for one of the reasons they’re useful in PvP – they get in your face.

    The lack of visibility for your opponent is cool, but every large pet I’ve ever tamed has had a 6th sense for standing EXACTLY where I didn’t want them to stand.

    … That being said, Cuddles the Devilsaur is simply adorable.

  3. It’s sort of pointless to nerf the size…You have to nerf it so that it’s not the ORIGINAL Devilsaur size-because that’s ginourmous. But what harm does a giant wasp do?

  4. @Rilgon
    Don’t rage in my house! I just got all the furniture redone!!

    Dave can be adorable, but he’s normally just a big lug.

    As far as being useful in PvP, that’s a good point. Being bigger makes it harder to target things close to it. The downside being that it’s incredibly easy to target the pet. 😦

    Exactly! It doesn’t do any ‘harm’ per se!

  5. As a noob pvp hunter with an LSD wasp of her own, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how Cello does in battle. Personally, I always enjoy seeing the armour debuff on my targets as I pew pew them down. 🙂

  6. Think of being a tank. You’re already staring at boss crotch.

    Now imagine staring at boss crotch…and giant dino/wasp/dog.

    Nevermind the poor rogues who are all “Is there shit under my feet? I CAN’T TELL.” Though we all know that rogues never look, anyway.

  7. @Chawa
    Impressed post is impressed. So am I. Really? Wasps do really well!

    Rogues really never do; but does a giant pet really take up that much space on the screen?!

    You and Rilgon are in on something! I know it!

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