Pet Training: A Necessary Evil?

Forget about sitting sister, how about getting him to level?!

Forget about sitting sister, how about getting him to level?!


We can have 5 of them, Warlocks get 4, and anyone else only gets one.(i.e, Death Knight Ghouls.  No one else gets a permanent pet!)

Unlike everyone else though, we have the glorious chore of levelling our pets.  Sure, they auto level to 5 levels below the hunter, but those 5 levels can be huge sometimes.  At level 10, your pet catches up from level 5 by the time you get 3/4 of your experience bar.  At level 80, however, it takes almost an hour to get your pet to level once, and that’s if you’re in a good spot.  Can you all remember how long it takes to level from 75 to 80? That’s pretty much it, except hunters do that grind up to 6 times: once for the player, and once for every pet.  On top of that, any new pets have the potential to restart this astoundingly boring chore.

It’s a necessary evil though: the reason why no one else levels their pets is because their pets are tools rather than a companion, something to be used rather than be with.  It’s a very important part of the flavour of the class, and it makes hunters different from warlocks.  It’s annoying, but it’s necessary and important to our game.  It teaches us more than any other class that there are consequences to making a wrong choice, which I find is important.

For example, lets take little Timmy here as an example.

Aint that just... just... there?

Aint that just... just... there?

In any case, Little Timmy(Hereby LT) decides it is a good idea to eat some explosives.  LT eats the explosives, and he then sits down on a fire in a very abrupt manner.  The explosives are filled with Nitroglycerin.

Now, in a world where there are consequences to your actions, LT would suddenly find himself in many places at once.  However, if LT lives in a world where there are no consequences, he would burp loudly and move on.

Leveling pets is similar in a sense: it’s a way to make sure that the hunter doesn’t just switch through pets like tissue paper.  It teaches the value of having the strongest and most important pets in the game and there are consequences to having pets this powerful.

However, it’s still torture to level pets.  Like really? WTB Rare Candy, PST.

The key to leveling pets is to find a good place with fast spawns at your level, not the pet’s.  I’ve found one really good place, so long as the leather workers don’t come running in.

Leveling Daggers takes less time.  Sheesh.

Leveling Daggers takes less time. Sheesh.

This cave directly east of Gromarsh Crash Site is one such area.  Fast respawns, easy to kill mobs, and none of them hit particularly hard.  Like I said though, this place is frequently crawling with Leatherworkers, so it can be hard to level pets here.

What do you guys think about levelling pets? Is it a necessary evil for our class identity or is it just a pain in the rear? Should they make it shorter? Longer? Do you even care?

Probably the most important question, do you know any other good places to level them?



  1. A long time ago (not just pre-Wrath, but pre-BC) I decided I wanted an RFK Boar. I really liked the look of their skin, and (IMO) the pigs have some of the best idle animations so I trotted (HA! Trotted!) in to RFK, avoided Mobs where I could, killed those I couldn’t, found the Pig I wanted and tamed it. This was a pretty easy task considering I was level 60 at the time. What was not so easy was leveling that porker up from 28 (maybe 29) to 60.

    For the next 30 levels he did nothing but snort heavily on Felwood’s low 50s wolves & bears as I pounded them hard & fast from afar, before resorting to finishing them off in Melee. I don’t know how long it took to get him to 50 where he was finally able to contribute, but at least then the fights & leveling went a little faster. It still took a loooooong time to get him to 60 and while he became the Pet I most often used, Rex, my Tiger (who made the journey with me from 10 to 60), remained my favourite, and it was Rex who came out of the Stable to stand by my side when I logged out for the very last time.

    Some people choose to play Hunters in WoW, others are Hunters. If you change Pets like you change underwear and your Pet frequently has the default name, you’re probably in that first group. But if you’d willingly smash 1000 relics (or more) in northern Darkshore just to acquire a cat with a transparent skin, you are a Hunter.

  2. “However, it’s still torture to level pets. Like really?”

    Ha! Five levels is nothing.

    Since I was so used to the old system of pet leveling as Capn John described, the new system seems like a cakewalk to me. I actually enjoy the pet leveling process. I would definitely consider myself a “Hunter”, especially since it’s the only toon I’ve leveled to 80. I mean really… aside from knowing your enemies is there any reason to mess with those other classes..? 😉

    I earned well over 1k gold and hit exalted rep with the Sons of Hodir by leveling my last two pets in Storm Peaks. The far eastern point there by where the anvil was is an excellent spot. Loads of squishy fire elementals with an incredibly fast respawn rate. The only problem with this location is that it seems to have become a popular farming place for bots. 😦 My last few times there I was competing with 3 bots, when I finally gave up and headd elsewhere. Still, it’s the best place I can think of if the traffic is low.

  3. IMO having to level pets is a complete waste of time.
    I dont understand why DK’s and Locks have their pets scale immediately to their character level without any wasted game-time when Hunters, the supposed “premier” pet using class, have to spend at least 16-20 additional hrs leveling our 4 pets to 80. Also, i find it pathetic to consistantly see felguards and ghouls out dps my wolf pet as a SV hunter. No, maybe I am not a BM hunter, but should a DK ghoul really out dps my wolf??? I think all SV/MM hunters at the moment would trade their pet’s worthless growl/cower for felguard/ghoul dps. Yes, I could roll a boring BM hunter again and see some pet dps gain but at the expense of a 1k dps loss overall… Hell no. The Hunter class needs some serious class balance from Blizzard and pets are a perfect example.

  4. Ever consider taming something that’s over level 75 if the levelling up from that rank is too much of a hassle? Sure, you’d have to be a bit less picky on what you take for pets, but it’s possible.

    And really, it’s still faster to go from level 75 to 80 than from level 74 or less, so really, you should be counting your blessings. Or stop being so finnicky and enjoy the pets you already have. 🙂

  5. I hate pet leveling. When the announced that pets would be no more than five levels below you I thought this would be great, but at level 80 it’s not. I wish they’d get rid of it all together, but at the very least having them be two levels below you would be okay.

    If I need to level I pet I run them through heroics now. At this point my guildies and I are in mostly 25-man Naxx gear.

    Now I know that this is bad practice and horrible for dps, etc. But at this point we outgear the content by a good margin, and it really doesn’t matter.

    Heroics are a great way to level that pet.

  6. It is what it is, fortunately as a MM hunter, I can just have my pet stand next to me on passive during dungeons, he’ll gain about one level per heroic. So it doesn’t take “too” much time that way. But grinding it out on mobs is horrible.

  7. @Kordwar
    Thanks Kord! I wonder if I should make a map?

    @Capn John
    No, I understand. I really do. Before I released Lucas, I levelled the level 12 bear to 70 before the Echoes of Doom patch. That was all kinds of fun. 😛

    Really? Those guys never seem to drop fire stuffs for me, ever. I never thought to use it as a Pet training place either, seeing as I normally avoid quest zones if possible. Either way, this map idea of mine is starting to look really good…

    I can understand the leveling; however, I can easily see where people would have a problem with your other point. As a non BM hunter, you are comparing the “BM” trees of Warlocks and Unholy.

    I won’t lie when I say I’m perfectly fine with a felguard doing more DPS than a non-BM pet. The Warlock spent 51 points to use it, so I’m okay with them getting some bang for their buck. Same goes for Unholy death knights: the amount of talent points they spend on getting a permanent pet is well worth doing more DPS than a pet where you’ve spent no talent points whatsoever to make them better. In addition, depending on the pet, you are providing a much needed buff/debuff your group could use, making them much more useful than some of the other perma pets out there.

    Oh, I look for higher level pets when I can. In fact, I don’t have to train Jormungandr anymore since I’ve been able to tame the Jormungar near Niffelheim. As far as being finicky, it can’t be helped: I need to try them all!

    If you ever do that as a beastmaster without permission, expect rage and annoyance to follow. If I ever plan to bring an under-leveled pet, I tell people in advance and ask if I can. Since it accounts for half of my damage, it’s usually not a good idea to do it. However, I can fully understand and condone a non BM hunter who brings in an under leveled pet into a heroic, just so long as he can keep his/her personal DPS high.

  8. Also…
    Some pet classes just can’t come in 80s, or even high 70s. Tallstriders? Chimeras? Warp Stalkers? Crabs? Nope. And chimeras are good pets, so are Warp Stalkers. The ycan pull stuff I can’t even get to 😀

    Also…some skins just look REALLY cool. Like the Deviate Dreadfang/Soulflayer one, or the Vargul Blighthound. I wouldn’t pass them up for anything…except my Old Cliff Jumper.

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