You Thought You Had It Rough

Worst timing ever.

Worst timing ever.



  1. I’ve heard some Guilds that do AV (as a Guild) like to summon the big guys. Not all of them, some are in it for the fast Honor, but some like to go in and play AV as it was meant to be played.

  2. @Kordwar
    Dude, it wasn’t a question of kiting him.

    It was a question of not getting massacred by the throngs of Alliance surrounding him. That heal him. So yeah, that didn’t work out so well.

    There’s a first time for everything. This was mine. Bruises hurt.

    @Capn John
    If I ran a guild, I would totally run an AV where our group of people would play this properly. I want to see an Ice Monster dammit!

  3. I’ve seen both…five of us putting every storm crystal that drops to the summons did the trick. And the other ones? The Horde has 20 people sitting in our base and farmed us for honor…it happened in WSG, too.

  4. There ought to be an achievement for summoning Ivan/Lothlkar or however you spell it…

    Frost Caller
    Summon Ivan in AV.

  5. @Raydex
    That really should be an achievement. I think that’d make AV that much more fun! It might actually get people to use the content in the abttleground as opposed to not using the stuff at all.

  6. When I use the content in the battleground they yell at me.
    It’s a major put-off, but I do it anyways. I mean, seriously? You get the stuff for killing, free IF rep for turning it in, and it makes the battle easier for you?

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