Day: 2009-06-25

It’s Time I Started Acting Like One

I'm going to need this guy's eyes...

I'm going to need this guy's eyes...

There has been an awful lto of QQ on this blog of late, hasn’t there?

Not to worry, I’m not turning into a mage.

But the fact remains that I really don’t know what to write about sometimes, and QQ is easy to find and write about, so I apologize.

As a compensation to all of you, it’s time I did something new.  I think it’s time I decided to be a real hunter.

Before he quit, BigRedKitty was easily one of the most respected hunters to grace the World of Warcraft.  He also had something I don’t.

Okay, he had lots of things I didn’t, but that’s aside from my point.

BRK managed to capture one of the rarest, most gorgeous pets in existence: the spirit beast.  Loque’nahak is one of the rarest, most difficult to capture pets in the game and it is a matter of great pride for a Beastmaster to get one, and a matter of greater pride still for me as I have never tamed a rare spawn before and what a better way to start than at the top!

You know what?
harkoaThis hunt is on!

(Wish me luck, I need it.)


A Little About Me

happy-flower_bThings I Like
-Big DPS


-Specifically, Wolves.

-Dinosaurs are cool too.


-Frog pets would be here, but there aren’t any frog combat pets.




Things I Don’t Like
-Raid nights that are canceled due to severe thunderstorms.

-Raid nights canceled due to computer explosions.

-Raid nights being canceled due to Santa Claus sightings.

-Raid nights being canceled due to the abominable snow-man.

-Raid nights being canceled due to Martians.

-Raid nights being canceled in general.

What do I hate even more?
-Raid nights being canceled for 2 weeks straight due to 2 of the above reasons.  Take a guess.

One Last Thing
Super secret project, coming up!

Syrana, I haven’t forgotten.  This time, it’s in.