It’s Time I Started Acting Like One

I'm going to need this guy's eyes...

I'm going to need this guy's eyes...

There has been an awful lto of QQ on this blog of late, hasn’t there?

Not to worry, I’m not turning into a mage.

But the fact remains that I really don’t know what to write about sometimes, and QQ is easy to find and write about, so I apologize.

As a compensation to all of you, it’s time I did something new.  I think it’s time I decided to be a real hunter.

Before he quit, BigRedKitty was easily one of the most respected hunters to grace the World of Warcraft.  He also had something I don’t.

Okay, he had lots of things I didn’t, but that’s aside from my point.

BRK managed to capture one of the rarest, most gorgeous pets in existence: the spirit beast.  Loque’nahak is one of the rarest, most difficult to capture pets in the game and it is a matter of great pride for a Beastmaster to get one, and a matter of greater pride still for me as I have never tamed a rare spawn before and what a better way to start than at the top!

You know what?
harkoaThis hunt is on!

(Wish me luck, I need it.)



  1. You’re going to hate me for this, but I actually killed Loque once. An alliance hunter had tagged him and was kiting him around, but not killing him. I assume he was waiting for another hunter to come claim him.

    I did what I thought was the right thing at the time, but when I later learned how rare they were, I felt bad. Almost. I mean, it was an alliance hunter. A dwarf alliance hunter.

  2. Good luck , with me , a week after Wrath hit i made it to 77 . i have been camping for that pet till like a month ago , it was a long stressful time trying to get that thing . Even more so when you see a hunter with both spirit beasts …..i pissed me off so much . But now i have one , and i fine . FOR NOW !!! MWAHAHAHA!!!

  3. I got sooooo pissed off, after spending countless days flying around his known spawn points to tame him, that I ended up quitting BM and re-speccing

  4. Good luck Klinderas !

    I had no time to look for it when Wrath hit. Anyway, it’s often when you’re not really looking that you see it.

    I found mine, the new one in Zul Drak, while levelling my little druid. It was nearly 2 am, and I decided to have a look around just in case, before giving back a last quest and log off. And it was there, just waiting for me… Ooooooh ! I was really happy.

    So good luck again !

  5. Ick, Spirit Beasts.

    I don’t like them…but do your best 😀 I wish you luck, and hope it’s less hellish than my camp for Old Cliff Jumper…

  6. As one who hunted and hunted and HUNTED for this beauty, I can say it’s well worth your time if you really like pets (such as I do.)

  7. Good luck in your hunt. I think you’ll find him pretty quickly, as most of the server seems to have moved on from Sholazar and on to the Argent Crusade dailies. I’m still not totally sure that me being able to tame him was the stroke of luck I thought it was at the time.

    I’ll add you and if we see her, we’ll give you a shout!

  8. Good luck! Hope you got him in the meantime and your hunt isn’t driving you crazy or anything. ^^

    I personally leveled a hunter for the sole purpose of taming this rare beauty, and when I finally dinged 77 and flew over to scholazar, he just happened to be there. He’s my favourite pet, named him Chaos. ^^

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