Skoll Lightning!


Drawn by MissMonster of Deviant art! Click for link.

I have an announcement to make.

I’m going to be hunting more than one spirit beast it seems.

There is a new spirit beast on the PTR! This is the 3rd spirit beast, which continues the tradition of 1 new spirit beast per big patch, and this is no exception.

Actually, there is one very big exception to this particular spirit beast: he’s a wolf.
skollwowI nearly died of shock when I saw this.  Apparently, he has electricity crawling all over him and his light blue fur glows with the crackle of power.  The picture does no justice to all these cool effects, so I order all of you to go drool over this video right now! Skoll in Video

He’s named after a character from Norse mythology: Skoll, the moonchaser.  Skoll chased the moon across the sky in an effort to catch up with her and eat her.  His counterpart, Hati, chased the sun for the same purpose.  On the day of Ragnarok, the end of times, Skoll and Hati would succeed in their ravenous quest and feast on the sun and the moon.

Skoll, the spirit beast, matches his namesake in almost every way.  His lightning fur matches the electricity that was wielded by Thor and other gods, so is a powerful symbol of his Norse heritage.  His fur is blue, the colour of the night he chases under.  His attack is a Moonstrike graphic, the last tie to his Norse namesake.

I, for one, am going to be camping this guy the instant the patch releases and I won’t stop until he is mine.

Loque will have to wait if I don’t have him by then, as I have bigger wolves to catch!

Special thanks to Tigerfeet for pointing out to whom the artwork belongs to(MissMonster’s portrait of Skoll is amazing, is it not? She drew a version for Hati as well!), to Mania for the screenshot of Skoll, and to zub for finding the video of Skoll in-game!



  1. VERY awesome. Not to mention meant to be.

    He is very beautifu and I love the story/myth behind him. If I had a hunter, I’d love to have him as well.

    I wish you luck finding him, when the patch comes!

    *hands you Lucky Charm of Luckiness*

  2. Where did you get the artwork for the mini-image? (not the screencap of Skoll)

    Looks a lot like this lady’s fine artwork:

    On another note, I’m glad to finally see a spirit beast that isn’t a cat. I was very dissapointed in Gondria, expecting that one to be a Raptor or something… not-feline.

    You’ve got a ways to go though, our top Survivalist hunter has two spots on his stable dedicated to Gondria & Loq’Nahak. (yea that’s right, he only uses them for farming!)

  3. *Flipsout*

    WHY does blizzard have to do this to me? I will have this beastie. Oh yes I will….
    (Well there goes doing anything else in WoW until I tame him….)

  4. Goodie. Now I’m stuck with two wolves. :O At least he’s a Spirit Beast. I shall hunt him down and name him…err…Lightning. Aren’t I creative?

    But I’m really glad he’s out since I don’t much like cats.

  5. Oh Skoll and I will meet and hunt together for a while – I’m fairly sure of it. I wish he had a better model though – the WotLK wolves look like they need a good meal and some cosmetic surgery on their legs.

    Having the older spirit wolf model in blue lightning would be several shades of awesome though.

    Good luck to everyone that plans on hunting him when 3.2 drops.

  6. @Anea
    I think I’m going to need that: it seems a lot of people are psyched about this new Spirit Beast!

    Thanks a lot zub! I’ve put your video in the post!

    It turns out that yes, it is that person’s work! I’ve put in links and all that jazz in the post: her stuff really is very cool!

    Tell that hunter I am going to flip out if s/he gets the third for farming too.

    We will find this beastie! I’m sure you are going to find it first though.

    I’m happy to say that wolves went from a Zero in TBC to being the most popular pet in the game for PvE non BM hunters. Not only that, but we have our own spirit beast! I’m with you 100% when you say that this is awesome.

    I actually like the northrend wolves… if I wasn’t so attached to Link, I’d find myself a Northrend one.

  7. After months of hunting and taming Loque, my husband is going to KILL me when I camp out for this beauty!

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