The New Tier 9

BAM, like that.

The old tier 9 armor is done with.

Finite.  Done with.  Done quick.

What were they? If I remember correctly…

I always do, by the way.



Old Tier 9

2 piece tier 9 reduced your pet’s focus cost for his abilities by 50%.

Pointless, yes? Of course it is.  Since when has your pet ever needed more focus? If you’re talented properly, this should never have been a problem.

4 piece tier 9 increased the critical strike chance of steady shot by 5%.
Whoop de doo.  This is a 2 piece bonus, not a 4 piece.  Only Beastmasters really benefited from this in a big way, since Steady Shot takes up a lot of our DPS; but even then it sucks!

Happily, this aforementioned crap has been replaced.



New Tier 9. See the difference?

2 piece: The damage from your serpent sting can now be critical strikes.
For marksmen, this is big.  Their stings are the most powerful out of all the hunters thanks to improved stings, making this a buff to MM damage mostly; however, everyone benefits from this.  It doesn’t increase the base damage of the sting(which makes Chimera shot sad) but it’s still going to be a visible DPS upgrade.

To be honest, this should be baseline.  Lock DoTs can crit, so should ours!

4 piece: Each time you hit with a ranged attack, your pet gains 600(HOLY SHIT) attack power for 15 seconds.
Now, this is a buff.  I don’t know what the proc chance is, but I’m betting it’s high enough.  For beastmasters, this 4 piece is going to be a strong one I predict.  600 attack power is 50 more attack power than blessing of might! Blessing of might increases Dave’s(my devilsaur) DPS by something like 200-300 dps.  Another 200-300 DPS? YES PLEASE.

It’s also and incentive for all hunters to keep their pets alive, should the marksmen and the Survivalists want the set bonus.

This is good news; in fact, I’m really happy that Blizzard realized that the set bonus was balls.  Now if they could notice a few more things(Cower bug, more stats for our pets, ammo costs, etc), I’d be set.

Speaking of things, I’m going to look at those Engineering changes later.  Stay tuned!



  1. Oh crap, I think I’ll have to grab some napkins, because I am DROOLING at the sight of this. Pet AP is fun. Though I mostly do solo PvE/instances and not raids other than Zul’Gurub (raptor mount!) and Onixya (because she’s pretty easy) I might just have to work for these ones.

    Pet AP is fun. Until I can pick up a trinket to give my pet more AP I’m still using my level 50 devilsaur tooth. Which really needs an upgrade, but I occasionally have aggro problems, and they get worse whenever I switch to something else. I ought to look for an upgrade for that, or work on my aggro manegment-I loose aggro from my pet unless it’s a tenacity. Tenacity=love. In instances I can’t bring Kael (I name my pets after Blizz characters, like Kael’thas) but otherwise I bring her everywhere.

    Pet AP is fun. Critical hits are fun. This looks like fun. I like fun. I wonder what the other bonuses are? Time to go on PTR, I guess.

  2. As MM hunter, I generally am not terribly impressed with set bonuses that improve pets. Now I’m also not even close to getting any such sets that would give me said bonuses, but to me, my pet has always been a meat shield. Sometimes it almost seemed like more trouble to bring a pet with in an instance/raid, than it was worth.

    I’m sure this will give BM some much needed love though.

  3. “Lock DoTs can crit, so should ours!”

    While I agree that your dots should crit too, we locks only got that recently. So, your day shall come. Maybe when my “ammo” stacks? ;P

  4. @Rayquaza7996
    Dude, pretty much any Northrend trinket is a replacement for that tooth! When you use that AP trinket, your pet inherits a good amount of it too. If you’re using MD when you pop your AP trinket, it can drastically put your pet in the lead for threat.

    I am just hoping that our pet crit problem can be solved through all the stat changes they are putting through… if they can code it in time. It shouldn’t be harder than coding resilience to pets though…

    I would disagree with you, simply because even a non-BM pet does an additional 300-400 dps on fights, not including bonuses from the pet’s unique ability. Adding another 600 AP to that total would add about 100-150 DPS, or that’s my guess anyway. I’m not a strong math person.

    Soul shards DO need to stack. It’s ridiculous how they haven’t done that yet… but I have a feeling the ‘lock patch is coming soon. I might just hold my breath for you guys.

    Also, It’s good to see a warlock actually SUPPORTING a baseline DoT crit! But seeing as we’re not locks, I can bet good money on the fact that only the DoT specialists will get DoT crits.

  5. @Rayquaza7996
    See, I don’t like that; but being able to pay some moneh to avoid having to gear for 1% more hit is nice… Or becoming an Orc.

    That’d be some serious plastic surgery.

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