Banking Buddy

Mine is shinier.

Mine is shinier.

Like all some self-respecting WoW players, it is an ambition of mine to have gold.  It’s the lifeforce in a game where moneys can do a great deal of things.

Some people find that it’s hard to get, and scrounge with dailies all day to get it.  Others say it’s very simple… so long as you have some know-how and some gold to begin with.

Those people, the ones that say that gold is easy to make, are the same people that play the auction house.  The auction house, a market for business people and noobs alike, is a strange and confusing place for the beginner.

I have been convinced that the only way I am going to get a decent amount of gold is through the auction house, and it’s my goal to make more money than I can possibly spend if possible.  This would be hard for me though, seeing as I have Mining(good profession for money) and Engineering(terrible for making money).  So, I decided it was time to add someone to my crew.

Everyone, meet Eyolus.

He has the monocle I wish I could have.

He has the monocle I wish I could have.

All told, Eyolus is a bank alt; he carries extra stuff I can’t, and then auctions it off for money I can send to myself at will.  However, he’s an extra important bank alt; he will be the one playing the auction house.  This game within a game will see Eyolus rise as one of my most played characters, and he might as well be my money main.

So far, I’m going tailoring as a profession for sure.  His secondary profession, however, is up for grabs! Enchanting? Jewelcrafting? Inscription? Who knows! I’m leaning towards jewelcrafting so far, however.  We’ll have to see.

So here’s to Eyolus, my banker! He needs a second profession though, and I can’t decide.   So what’ll it be people?



  1. enchanting, you can run older stuff and DE the blues/ greens. people are always looking for old enchants for twinks or for alts. OR depending on the marketplace of your server (i forgot to look when i was chatting with you) go for herbalism. Herbalism is a major money maker.

  2. I’ve found that even the lower level glyphs sell well in the AH if you choose wisely and don’t flood the market, which means a minimum of time spent leveling a bank alt. You can’t always say that for your other choices.

  3. @Rilgon
    Okay, not ALL of them but a good number.


    Enchanting, eh? Well, I DO get +10 skill to begin with! How awesome!


    That’s very true. Thanks Splat!

  4. I definitely vote for inscription. I recently made picked up inscription on my 53 warlock and I went from 3k gold on Thursday last week, to 10k gold as of last night, with only 375 inscription.

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