Moviewatch: The Final Countdown… Kazookeylele!

Weirder than a summer snowfall.

Weirder than a summer snowfall.

There are some very creative people in this world.

People that are creative tend to take things, and create new things out of them.  Someone took peanut butter and chocolate, combined them, and made Reeses.  Someone else took hammers, attached them to strings, and engineered a piano.

This guy seems to to have made a most horrible mess, however, and an entertaining one at that!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Final Countdown… on the KazooKeyLele(Kazoo+Keyboard+Ukelele)!

Kazookeylele – The Final Countdown



  1. You know what, after watching it again, I don’t care – I enjoyed that!

    *tinkling notes of intro stuck in head now*

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