Surprise Bananas!

He's baaaack!

He's baaaack!

Hot on the heels of the Creature Feature: Gorilla post I made, I’m making an announcement.

I’ve tamed a gorilla and I liked it.

Yes, the pet with an interrupt most people would say sucks, is now in my employ.  I have decided to name him Diddy until I tame a more permanent pet(Diddy is only accompanying me until I find Loque’nahak).

I play on a PvP server and I have had the opportunity of seeing a Gorilla in action while hunting Loque in many Solo and PvP situations.

First, for the reasons that all tenacity pets are good tanks, gorillas still do have thunderstomp contrary to some opinions.  He can still AoE tank with the rest of them, and do a good job.  They aren’t called Gorilladins for nothing!

In addition, Pummel is a neat tool against caster mobs.  They try casting anything and that Gorilla is all over them like a cheap suit.  Heals? None.  Shadow Bolt? Forget it.  This is particularly helpful against creatures and monsters who have a big nasty spell and you can interupt it.  Just a smack on the noggin and your good!

Now, for PvP.  I would argue that a gorilla is an incredibly effective means of interupting spells and allowing for a killing blow.  Unlike Cunning pets(who have been touted to have better interupts!) Gorillas have Charge.  Charge does do a mini stun for a brief amount of time, which does interupt spells! Timed properly, Charge is a stun/interupt you can use at will.  Seeing as the Gorilla is the only Tenacity pet with and interrupt(in the form of Pummel!), this has a certain weight to those who wish to use a tenacity pet in PvP.

Pummel is a great little tool! Unlike some other abilities that do extra damage on the attack, Pummel is only on a 30 second cooldown(21 if you’re a Beastmaster, which is in comparison to 40 seconds for most of the other pet abilities and 1 minute for Sonic blast on the bats!) and can be used more often, which is important.  Yes it is a melee ability, but between Boar’s Speed and Charge, your Gorilla will be in melee whenever you want him to be, making the range some other abilities you can use be a bit of a moot point.

Personally, I find the Gorilla to be incredibly powerful when facing casters, and this pet would be particularly strong with a Non-beastmaster to take advantage of the lower cooldown.  Imagine this: a marksmanship hunter in PvP.  He has a gorilla.  He knocks a caster down to half Hp.  In an effort to save himself, the caster begins casting a spell.  The MM hunter uses Silencing shot.  The caster panics, uses some cooldowns, and then tries again after 3 seconds.  Gorilla uses Charge.  The caster tries once more.  Pummel.

At this point, the hunter has probably thoroughly destroyed the caster.

So remember kids: Gorillas.  Don’t mess with them, unless you gave the bananas to kill it, and even if you do, good luck trying.



  1. Hmm, you know, another silence may help our team a little bit, maybe we should try him out for a couple of games?

  2. Speaking of Tenacity Pets….

    I love my warpstalker! I know, I know, warp has a longer-ish cool-down, but frankly I don’t care. 😛 It comes in really handy when I am doing BG’s and my warpstalker is “hidden” (aka parked in a bush) and I’m shadowmelded….try to take that flag, you say? I don’t think so! ha! Right, anyhow…. ^_-

  3. Well, I couldn’t get rid of my Gorilla for sentimental value. I just spent too much time with Mungula to dismiss him so quickly. And I’m not a big PvPer. Now I feel a little more justified keeping my big furry butt scratching friend.

  4. @Rilgon
    Of COURSE it is, but Pummel is an additional(key word) silence, which is never a bad thing as far as I’m concerned.

    And as far as shell shield goes, it’s an amazing ability. Arguably the best tankign ability available to tanking pets. So when it comes to PvE, yes you’re right: in PvP, where you don’t set foot, it a different story.

    Already 2 steps ahead of you mon ami!

    Warpstalkers are certainly a versatile and powerful choice for all environments(I need to update the creature feature post anyways…) but they don’t make great use of charge tanks to their ability to teleport.

    Butt scratching is good.

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