A Different Kind Of Secret Project

Minus 1 bear.

Minus 1 bear.

In a fit of what seems to be either stupidity, rage, boredom, insanity, madness, a period of being 3 fries short of a happy meal, or just being whacko, I have made a new hunter.

This hunter is different however; he is a dwarf.  Dwarves are typically short(I’m tall), burly(I’m delicate), hairy(which I’m not), drunk(I’m sober), belligerent(when angered), and uncouth(like an Orc).  In short(tee-hee) they are the opposite of me in every single fathomable way.

Why did I roll a new Alliance(eyaugh!) hunter? This idea was brandished before me by none other than Elnoriah/Eldadres of Plagued Candles who has, with Roz from Repgrind and Troutwort from Crits and Giggles, rerolled a new alliance character to play with people from this corner of the Blogosphere on the Winterhoof server.

Also, I’m planting the seeds of the downfall of the entire Alliance, but that’s none of your buisiness.


Everyone, meet Franko.

Yes, I am paying some homage with this character.  You don't have to like it.

Yes, I am paying some homage with this character. You don't have to like it.

Oh don’t worry.  I’m not completely out of this picture… I’ve left a little bit of myself in this picture.

Everyone… meet his pet.

Welcome to the pack... Klin, the wolf.

Welcome to the pack... Klin, the wolf.

He doesn’t have dash yet, either! So for now, he really is a Slow Wolf.

Oh, and because I didn’t take a screenshot of that King guy in Ironforge before I killed him last time…

Yes, my liege.  Invest with Enron, they know what they're doing.*snicker*

Yes, my liege. Invest with Enron, they know what they're doing.*snicker*

I might make a little note before I continue:

The dwarf area is HARD in comparisson to the Blood Elf area.  There are mobs who charge, mobs who frostshock, and mobs who seem to come at you in numbers like math problems in a calculus class.  Kiting my way to level 10 has been difficult, but not without it’s reward.  It was a lot of fun, if you ignore the hundreds of leper gnomes, boars, cats, bears, wendigos, rabbits, orchards, farmers, guards, the king, and the wolves you had to kill along the way, not to mention the massive distances and the massive distances.  Did I mention the massive distances? They really are big you know.

Like space, even.  They’re similar.

No wonder dwarves are so tough: they put up with the worst crap from day 1, starting with the fact that they’re short, hairy, noisy, smelly, potentially spacefaring midgets.



  1. Welcome to the dark side. We don’t have cookies (we fired marketing over that one), but we DO have beer battered boar ribs!

  2. /shuffle

    It’s gettin to be a regular party over there!

    As Splat mentioned, enjoy the beer battered boar ribs – and jus make sure ya know what yer doin in the tavern. Ya might think that we can’t, but we Dwarven lassies can drink ya under tha table!

  3. /shame

    And I thought I knew you, Klin!

    Also, I’m going to pretend that Calculus reference didn’t happen…

  4. @Eldadres *high five* And a great job you did of getting him over there. Now we just gotta get him a few more levels and we can faceroll through VC again or something. xD

  5. Hi!

    Let me introduce myself. On that same server I play Punkinpie…the drood. This drood is bare. Bare is 4 tank.

    So..I’ll be your tank in the lowbie Horde group.

    My dorf hunter was my first major character and I think dorfs are awesome. Those who roll Nelf, well the males mostly, should be drawn and quartered.

  6. Welcome to the Alliance! Dododo!

    My Worgen greets you!

    Summary of Alliance:

    80 Alliance-8 Horde. Horde win.

    We suck.

    WE HAVE COOK-oh, wait. We’re out.

    We have spider kabobs and beer-basted boar!

    Most female nelfs are boys.

    Those that aren’t often pretend to be boys.

    Many Warriors are n00bs.

    Druids rock.

    Trust the hunters.

    Trust the priests.

    Pallies are invincible.

    Be careful in [For the Alliance!] as noobs keep telling the Horde.

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