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... and my name isn't Mittens dammit!

... and my name isn't Mittens dammit!

You know that stupid game where you have to do everything the one guy does/says, without ending until he/she says to stop?

You know that period of history where people were called slaves?

You know that time when someone told you to do your chores?

You know tha-


In any case, I have an announcement to make.  I have now officially led a raid, my first time ever.  I stood at the beginning of a Naxxramas run and didn’t stop ’til the server blew us up after 3 wings of victory.  I barked orders, snapped commands, cracked whips, made a sundae,  had a milkshake, and then did more ordering.

I also knit a sweater.

A week ago, I asked my raid leaders whether or not they would let me lead a raid a week later(now), and they agreed to let me give it a shot(then).  Which was surprising, seeing as I had just been promoted to class leader a week before that(way back then).  I had hardly been able to test my metal at all(now, then, and more then)!

Nevertheless, I was given the chance and I thought 1 of 2 things were going to happen: either I would succeed and go on to lead raids for a long time until I got fed up and just nuked the instances every week(with bombs), or I’d more likely be a failure and have to hide in Blackrock Mountain until the heat blew over(which, given the environment of my hermitage, it wouldn’t).

We(the guild), to my great surprise, did really well! I’m not surprised because our guild can do really well, I know it, but I’m surprised because… they let me lead them and they didn’t mind.  In fact, I think that everyone quite enjoyed that raid until Smolderthorn blew up in an explosion of lag which persists a little today.

For anyone from God is AFK who reads this blog, thanks a lot for being so nice to me my first time.  Really, I was expecting more hell and a lot less help.

Although I’ve heard rumors of bets being placed.  *cough*

After the lag, I decided to hop on over to the Alliance side of things to help deteriorate your infrastructure.

I ended up doing this instead.

Seems Eldadres can sleep on candles.  Figures.

Seems Eldadres can sleep on candles. Figures.

Help help! I'm bein' oppressed!

Help help! I'm bein' oppressed!

I'm trapped in a walnut! How'd I get in this nut?!

I'm trapped in a walnut! How'd I get in this nut?!

Jumping on the bed has never been this fun.  Except ACTUALLY jumping on it.

Jumping on the bed has never been this fun. Except ACTUALLY jumping on it.

It’s not raiding, but messing around with good friends for no reason other than to mess around is a great deal of fun.  Great stress relief too!



  1. Hi Klin, I’ve been meaning to ask this for a bit, and figured this would be a good place to do it.

    Can Hunter pets actually tank instances? I see lots of talents in the BM tree that almost seem to encourage it, and I’m just a tad curious. Obviously they couldn’t go tanking a Heroic, but have you tried/had to resort to this ever?

    Also, Naxx was fun.

  2. @Gradii
    Rayquaza7996 seems to have very easily shown that yes, I could tank instances.

    The issue is that I can’t because no one wants that and I don’t have the gear.

    And thanks!

    I wish I could have tanked…

  3. Yeah…
    I’m the mt/ot for our guild’s level 50-60 instances (I have been since 64), that used to mean something, now I’m at a level where I could possibly solo it.

    Kael and Anasterian are my tank pets-a warp stalker who’s fallen behind on levels and a croc who hasn’t.

    At 70 I tanked a Fel Reaver for a three-person group (Mage, priest, and me).

    However, though we can tank, we can’t do it as well as a warrior. And some of the gear could be ticky to get :O

  4. Bwahahahahah! Your screenshots turned out AWESOME. Man, we should have got one of you lying down with that PW:Shield I put on you. That was pretty hilarious.

  5. Klin… we’re hunter pet tanking VH when I get home from South Dakota/Montana for sure. I need a healing challenge, so START STACKIN’ THEM STAM GEAR!

    As for the raid, you guys better finish that up with flying colors… without me /sadface. Then do it again, without me!

  6. biggest thing I’ve tanked with my crab PeenchPeench was one of the four horsemen in naxx 10. Most important thing is you need to get the pet mentally ready for tanking bosses, for peench it was “you’re the best around” by Joe Esposito blasting the whole time he tanked.

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