I. Can. Haz. Spirit beast!

I. Can. Haz. Spirit beast!

So this is what success tastes like!



  1. Congratulations! 😀 Any plans to go for Gondria now? I don’t think I have the patience it must take to tame a rare pet >.<

  2. @Warbird
    Without trying to make me look like an ass…

    He really is gorgeous isn’t he? *fawn*

    It took a lot, a LOT of time and luck to get this. I’m not aiming for Gondria for 2 reasons: I like how Loque looks better, and I don’t want two cats.

    I will, however, be hunting Skoll.

  3. @Troutwort
    Thanks Trout!

    I do have a name for him: Radix.

    I think that Loque is sleeker and more streamlined than Gondria, which is one reason why I think he’s so cool.

    That too!

  4. Congratulations, Klin! Welcome to the club! Radix has changed since we last saw him…

    Did it take you long to find him, overall?

    Durkon and Ryoku (a loque-type)

  5. I like Loque better as well, Gondria to me just looks like a transparent King Bangladesh.

    As opposed to Loque who looks like… a spotted King B? *boggle*

    Congratulations on the completion of a goal, however, even if IMO the end reward isn’t all that worth it. (This coming from the guy trying to collect every raiding ranged weapon in the game…)

  6. Loque is a glowing cheetah. With a different spot pattern.

    Different spot pattern=different 😀 And the mouth hangs differnetly.

  7. He is, in fact, a completely unique model (apart from Har’Koa, of course, but she’s a demi-god and therefore somewhat untamable). The skin is unique too as you’d expect, but most rares just have special textures.

    Taming an ultra-rare elite is a beast-mastery thing, I guess. Particularly exotic ultra-rare elites…

  8. It’s like everytime I come to the spawn points for these special beast I am always too late the only thing get is the hide literally few mins too late.

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