A New Wolf

Okay, not quite.

Okay, not quite.

Not to mention another Hunter mannerism.

I’ve recently been attempting to use a ferocity pet in a PvP environment(as a beastmaster).  In order to do this, I had to pick one very important beast for the task.

In the end, I chose a Corehound.

This Corehound is not only the most unique of the 3 possible skins, it’s a homage to Dranei everywhere that says the following.

I’m your base, and I stole Fluffy.

Of course, I named him the only thing I could... Fluffy!

Of course, I named him the only thing I could... Fluffy!

Over the next couple of weeks, I hope to see some cool stuff from Fluffy.  He’s also a giant dog, so he and Link get along fine.

If he barks, all you have to do is play him some music, and he’ll fall right asleep!



  1. Carlotta has/had one of those (not sure if she kept it). It’s such a lovable fuzzy puppy of doom! And, I think I named mine Fluffy too. teehee

  2. My level 20 Orc Hunter also raided Azuremyst Isle but it wasn’t to get the Kurken (he wasn’t tameable at the time), it was to get a Ravager.

    In typical Orc-fashion I called him Cuddles 😉

  3. I too have a corehound, was about to abandon him thinking that I’d never be BM. Then looking at Karken (his name) and all four of those puppy dog eyes, I had to keep him. I planned on letting him go because he’s getting a lil heavy and starting to take up 2 stables. We’ve agreed a nice diet and some exercise would suffice for him to stay.

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