Drama Is A Combustible

It's more impressive in person.

It's more impressive in person.

Well, after a long time coming, my guild has exploded.

The ground zero that once was God is AFK split into 3 parties: Those who stuck with Friedlichxx, those who followed Castrodemic, and those like me who have gone freelance and are back on the guild market.

To my knowledge, there’s only me and Eldadres who are going freelance, but who knows.  Either way, with how good I am, I should get paid to PuG, be a mercenary.  See the world or something.

I don’t completely understand why it happened, but here’s the gist of it: power struggle.  Castro ran God is AFK by his lonesome, and then Friedlichxx was made co-GM.  By the end of it, Friedlichxx was getting on Castro’s nerves and vice versa.  This lead to an explosion after our (failed) attempt at Malygos 10 as a guild, for which Castro was not present (even though he did sign up).  

Many heated and unnecessary words later, Castro broke off and brought with him a number of friends to start anew with the same idea of a guild, but more casual still and with a smaller group of people.  Friedlichxx is currently planning to replace them with some of her friends from IRL, effectively establishing her control of the guild and re-solidifying the guild.

Although both players are great players, I could not follow either.  Even if the outcome was inevitable, the way that the split was handled by my GMs was terrible.  Angry, bitter, annoyed, and altogether frustrated and vindictive.  Besides… I had been lead by both largely in one way or another, and I have this to say.

You’re great people most times, you two, and fun to play with, but you aren’t my GM.

Friedlichxx, you’re a great player, but an easily frustrated and angered GM.  I have been witness to multiple times where you’ve annoyed or angered your raiders, who then tell you so only to be the brunt of your wrath and (from time to time) a swift GKick.  Castro, you might be a decent GM but you’re idea of a guild is a little too stagnant.  I need something more than an occasional Naxx run, although I wish you the best of luck with your new guild.  You also have a tendency to get annoyed very easily, and don’t really have the drive to push through a rough patch, as evidenced by this guild bomb.

Lastly, both of you handled this about as poorly as you could have, to which you have both freely admitted.

The really sad part is that this happened immediately after I stepped down as raid leader because of an unpredictable schedule.  Although I had fun leading God is AFK while I did, I’m happy to be looking at new horizons.  Sunny beaches, big waves, and copious amount of ice cold milk.

This does leave me with a problem: when will I raid? I want to raid at least once a week, and now I have no guild to do it with, and there’s no way in hell I’m pugging it.

Well, if you can’t find a guild…

Make it yourself, I say!




  1. The whole mercenary thought last night made me pick up Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance today. But either way, this should be a fun run, even if it does not work in our favor, it never hurts to try.

    Least, it should not!

  2. @For The Pie-Us Allis of Dawnbringer suck 😀 And the Horde of Dawnbringer are REALLY good.

    I can tell you if you are Horde on Dawnbringer you will have a laughingly easy times in BGs. Only one we ever win is AV, and our strategy is usually “zerg Drek lol”.

  3. @rayquaza

    Yep, I am horde side Dawnbringer. You win pretty good in WG too. Mostly it’s just bring more players strat.

    If you ever want to see what the red side is like, give us a holler.

  4. Pie and gang are good kids, I even moved my horde over there! And Pie, I promise one day I’ll actually play him. I just have like 3 moer level 80s to finish up, don’t worry, they are close…

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