Hellfire Ramparts: Done With, Done Quick

Time... is fleeting.

Time... is fleeting.

Well, I’ve accepted another challenge, and mean to make a meme out of it.

Upon looking at the blogs I read, I’ve found a gem of a challenge: a speed run, a race.

How quickly can you utterly destroy the Hellfire Ramparts? How quickly can you mow through that instance, looting all your kills, and destroying the generals and monsters of Kargath Bladefist?

Nance was the first to attempt and post this challenge (to my knowledge) to the internether in general.  He posted his time here.

There are, as always, some rules to this challenge.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Start the timer the second you walk inside.
  • You have to kill everything inside.
  • You have to loot everything inside. Skinning is optional.
  • Stop the timer the second you walk outside.

This is what I managed.



Needless to say, I am pleased with time; however, I know I could do a lot better.  For one, I took a lot of time trying to maneuver Jormungandr away from the corpses in order to loot them.  I also didn’t take enough risks in an attempt to pull MORE mobs at once to volley.

Nonetheless, that’s my time right now.  Which, I might add, is the record! I’d like to add some further rules though, if I may…

  • To keep costs down, no raid foods and flasks.  Health and Mana potions included.
  • Bandages and plain food/drink (Mana Strudel works well!) are fine though, to help with the speedy recovery of a bad pull.

There ya have it, my fabulousness for all to see! If you want to try it out, but don’t have a blog, then post your times here in the comments.  If you DO have a blog, then write a post! If you’re not a hunter, but want to try this anyway, then do a speed run for your class! I’d be particularly interested in seeing how Priests might manage this, or Mages.

Give it a shot! Hellfire Ramparts Speed Run Meme Starts…




  1. That’s pretty darned fast.

    I bet Wailing Caverns would take longer to clear, place is HUGE!

    I wonder what the record for Stocks is?

  2. I’m wondering when an Ulduar-geared Protection Paladin is going to step in and just ROFLPWN the entire place in one pull. I used to play one of those, and that’s basically the spec’s specialty when going solo: killing a LOT of stuff in very little time!

    Someone should open a blog/thread in some forum to keep tally on those things!

  3. @Omega2
    WC would take a while just to loot everything. Otherwise, the challenge would be in soloing that thing as early as possible without dying.

    Prot pallies are indeed a class of their own for soloing. They’ve been known for soloing content for a long time, and this would be no different. Hence why the challenges should be class specific!

    Non Heroic, for sake of simplicity. Heroic would be a different challenge.

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