My Final Countdown

This post might hurt.

Me more than you, I mean.  By writing this post, I am going to be putting a lot of memories, good and bad, in the past.
CancellationYes, this means I am quitting WoW.  I am putting the World of Azeroth, the lore, the game, behind me.

Apparently, this is a big deal.
Crying Peon

After I explained to the Peon why I was leaving, his situation seemed to get worse.
Weeping Peon

But it pains me to say it.  As you may or may not know, I do love this game.  Or loved.  I mean, I loved every part of it! PvP, PvE, exploring, the lore, the achievements, the look, the feel… every inch of this game was something I’ve been waiting for as a kid.  I’ve always wanted to be the hero, to defeat my enemies, and to stand proud and tall when people give me praise.

Today, I’m typing this to you with shoulders slumped and head bowed, for I have lost my feel.  The game no longer inspires the same feeling it once did.  Not from burnout, no.  I never suffer burnout; but I do feel like I’ve been playing this game for so long, and it’s been affecting me adversely.

15 secondsFor starters, my job hunt did not go well this year.  I believe that if I had spent less time working for WoW than I had, I would be happily sitting on a pile of money right now.
10 seconds
If I was sitting happily on a pile of money, then I wouldn’t have the arduous choice of picking another year of school and therefore being successful, or work for a year; my course is clear though, and I know what I’m picking because I have something else I don’t want to leave behind.  Not again, not for a long time, not ever.  Some people measure success by money, some by fame.

5 seconds
Mrs. Klin is the most precious thing to me in my life.  I had to go to school for a year, seeing her over Skype and talking to ehr every day of every week of every month.  I came home to visit once a month without fail… and yet it wasn’t enough.  It never was.  Once I got home, Mrs. Klin and I have spent so much time together that I never want to let her go again, ever.

Mrs. Klin, I love you, and I want to stay close to you forever.  To do that, I’m going to have to work hard for you, but I’m prepared to do anything it takes to stay by you for as long as I live.

Some people measure success by money, some by fame.  I want to measure my success by you.
4 seconds
It’s weird, to know that your time with something you love is limited, to wonder if you’ll ever go back and see the things you’ve accomplished.

Klinderas is my finest achievement in a game.  Smart, efficient, and able to beat the odds when it really counts.  Klinderas is likely a name I will never forget, and a character I will continue to use throughout my life as an example of a good person, even if he was a little full of himself.

When I made Klinderas, I was modeling him after me.  Tall, not too bad looking, and a little frail but good with a bow.  After I made him, I began to realize he was becoming a different character than when he started: noble, active, just.  A man who wouldn’t put up with bullshit if he saw it, who would help out those in need, who would hold the right people accountable for their actions and persecute them for what they did wrong.

I’d like to think I grew up with my character, and my avatar on the fields of Azeroth.  I’d like to think I’m a little more Klin than I used to be.
3 seconds
Before I go, there’s a few people I want to thank for my time here in Azeroth.

To Eldadres: my man, you and I have been playing together for long enough that I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to play without a friend.  Where my friends were busy raiding BT or quitting, you were playing right alongside me.  We’ve earned our glory in arenas, mopped the field with our enemies in BG’s, and made the Bosses in raids and heroics piss their pants when they see us coming.  We were a %$#&ing awesome team, dude.
2 Seconds
To Dan “BRK” Howell: for inspiring me to become the hunter I became, and then reminding us what’s really important… hopefully before it’s too late.  I think I’ve managed to do that okay, for once.
To all the friends I made in game: It was a pleasure playing with all of you, raid leading you, or otherwise just dickin’ around with you.  I hope my old guild leaders have successful new guilds, that Gradii enjoys his new writing career and tanks his way to Arthas, that Hannah gets some shoulders to match her new chest piece, that Connected gets his Protodrake, and that the many, many people I’ve met lead happy lives.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the people I’ve met through this blog.  Everyone I’ve read, who’s read what I had to write, and everything else that involves this blog… none of it would have happened without you guys.

Yes Link, we're staying here boy.  We're retired, see? Means "no more quests".

Yes Link, we're staying here boy. We're retired, see? Means "no more quests".

Link and Radix together again at last.

Link and Radix together again at last.



Now Mikey, there aren't any fresh corpses where I'm going.  You sure youw ant to come?

Now Mikey, there aren't any fresh corpses where I'm going. You sure you want to come?

Mikey stays.

Mikey stays.

Now, let's see what's over that horizon.

Now, let's see what's over that horizon.

Klinderas: You know, Colemand? We had a good run.  We got pretty damn far, and did a whole damn lot here in Azeroth.
Colemand: Indeed.
Klinderas: I’m going to miss this place.
Colemand: Agreed.  So where are we going next?
Klinderas: … No idea.  I have an option though: let’s walk that way until we find someplace nice to stay.  An ocean, some sand, maybe some game for me to hunt once in awhile.
Colemand: Can there be gnomes? I’m going to miss them… they make funny popping noises when they die.
Klinderas: We’ll see, Cole.  We’ll see.
Colemand: Will we ever come back?
Klinderas: Maybe; but it’s going to be a long time from now if we do, so don’t pack lightly.  We’re going to be gone awhile.

QUICK NOTE: I’m not done blogging, just done blogging about WoW and playing WoW.  If you want to keep reading what i have to say about stuff in general, you can find me at Phil, Meet World.



  1. *blinks* Wow, unexpected. =(

    I feel very lonely now. The last Beast Master. D=

    Good luck though, honestly. Though I am just weirded out. XD

  2. Goodbye Klin,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog even though I havent commented much on it. I’ll try to keep the BM side alive as WoW continues but theres no one less voice of the BM hunters out there with your leaving.

    Happy huntings wherever you land.

  3. Whoa. Geez.

    I know I’ve not been keeping up with the blog recently, and for that, I apologise, so this was a bombshell!

    Slightly mushy comment time! 😛

    You were the first other blogger to start regularly commenting on my blog, back when it was Master’s Call, which was really awesome. Knowing that you actually have someone reading your posts regularly means a lot to a blogger, as I’m sure you know! So I owe a lot to you for that!

    Best of luck for the future, and as sad as it is to lose another WoW blogger, s’for all the right reasons.

  4. I think you’re doing the right thing for you. And perhaps you are right, perhaps you are more Klin then when you started and that’s what lead you here, to make this decision.

    I enjoyed your blog very much. And I enjoyed Windpaw’s stories of Klinderas & Tigerclaw too.

    Keep focused on your target and you’ll succeed just as you did in Azeroth!

  5. I hope your making the right decision for your life, its not an especially easy decision to make. Hopefully everything will be on the up real-life wise from now on.

    And hey stopping WoW doesn’t mean stopping blogging, its just an excuse to write about something else that takes your fancy!

  6. I has a sad.

    Only met you in game once or twice when we were attempting to convert Crits and Giggles to Horde. Still, sad to see you go, but understand that most of us may get to this at some point.

    Good luck with job search and Aka’Magosh.


  7. Klinderas,

    Smolderthorn will not be the same without you.

    Spend every waking minute making Mrs. Klin happy, and you will win at life 🙂

    Take care, I’ll be lurking on your new blog space, too 🙂

    Shawndra (aka Carlotta, orc beast handler)

  8. Alas, you’re departure will be mourned.

    Thanks for making the blogosphere that much better, and good luck in all your adventures!

  9. There are people you meet in life that make you laugh, inspire you to think, and will make you dread the day you might have to say good-bye.

    I’m glad to say you have made me laugh, inspire me to think, and still drrad the day of having to say good-bye.

    Thank you my friend. I look forward to hearing your exploits as Phil meets the world.

    Family first and good luck and a prosperous life to you and Mrs. Klin!

    I won’t say goodby, but just switch my subscription to a new blog.

  10. Ow, that was sudden!

    I discovered your blog just two weeks ago and read through the whole thing meanwhile, it was a great ride all the way. Thanks a lot for all the Fabulousness (even if you’re a prancy Hordie elf! =P) and all the great cooking tips! Sad to see you going, but I hope you have a great time in that strange place called “Real Life”! Good luck with your job-hunting and studying as well! =D


  11. wow.

    I really am floored by this. While we’ve only spoken a few times in game, that time i rolled on your server to chat while RH was down, I felt a kinship with you. You’ll be sorely missed and I know you’ll succeed in anything you do. The rest of the hunter community will hold down the fort and keep a light on in case you ever decide to return.

  12. @ Pike- you’re not the only BM hunter left! Though perhaps the only “only BM hunter” blog (darn all my druids and death knights and, and, and, all the others too).

    @ Klin- I wish you luck. I think you were one of the first people to read my blog and the first person to leave me a comment, and that means something (tho I’m not sure what >.>) Good luck out in the real world.

    From Kaledain, Khaotic, Gwynifar and all my non-blood elf hunters- /Salute

  13. Farewell Klin.
    Thank you for a great blog. I really enjoyed reading it.
    Best wishes to you in all your future endeavours.

  14. /salute
    Long time lurker, 1st time poster. I salute you for making this choice.
    All the best to you.

  15. Wow this is a rough one! Enjoy yourself in life, Klin. You will indeed be missed.

  16. I wish you the best in everything you do.

    It’s hard to find that perfect balance between life and the game, and sometimes it’s best just to turn and leave the game behind.

    I’ll miss your WoW adventures, but I look forward to reading your life adventures, my friend.

  17. We’ll miss you man. Your antics are unmatched. Please continue to leave them unmatched in the Not World of Warcraft. Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

  18. Good luck with all your endeavors – I’m glad you’ll be sticking around twitter – I really enjoyed reading your posts 🙂


  19. Oh, wow. This was unexpected…

    Good luck out there, Klin. I enjoyed your posts, your huntery commentary and your humour. Even Colemand, blasted cannibalistic Death Knight that he is…

    You may be a Blood Elf, but I’ll miss you. As a dwarf, I fully don’t expect to say that ever again…

    Durkon Kell and his various pets.

  20. Sorry to see you go Klin. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your pursuits outside of WoW. I’ve enjoyed coming here and reading your blog.

    Good Hunting!

  21. Take care buddy – you’ll be missed a lot. You have a truly unique style that’s fun to read and enthusiasm that’s infectious. Keep your head down on the IRL side of things and don’t forget to visit!

  22. Klin… it has been a good run, but promise we will keep in touch. It defiantly will not be the same game without you, old friend.

  23. Another hunter blogger saying farewell… You will be missed.

    I wish you all the best for the future. Take care of you and your family.

    And good luck.

    Adieu Klinderas. 🙂

  24. I’ll miss you desperately, Klin.

    You’re a phenomenal human being, and I hope that we have the opportunity to meet again soon.

    Much love, dear friend.

    Auf Wiedersehen. ❤

  25. I’ve cherished the times with you, reading your glory and tough times. It was fun and I appreciate the time you gave us. Though I’ll miss this dearly it is thoroughly understanding. Good luck and God’s speed. I apologize for being so unspoken, but I am a devote reader. You’ll be missed.

  26. Ackkk! I can’t believe I missed this. My time out of the blogosphere has hurt. I will miss your posts. I’m sad to see you go.


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