Furrious Raiders: It Returns

Feral Hydra, by Steve Prescott


Once upon about a year and a half ago, I had still been writing.  I had decided that I really needed to write guides for hunters, for their pets.  A huge number of hunters just didn’t know where to turn for their hunter pet talent analysis, and were just told what to do.

Well, that’s just not the way you should roll.  Yes, you tell people what you think they should do.  You do not do this without backing it up with at least a basic, casual analysis.  That’s what caused me to do my first attempts at the Furrious Raiders posts.

Since then, time has changed.  Talents have been re-arranged and re-done, and all of our pets just earned an additional talent point.  A whole new point! It’s amazing! It’s fabulous! It’s a christmas gift that keeps on givin’ the whole time you play!

So what do you do with a whole new talent point and some redone trees? You re-analyze them! This is the introduction to the same kind of in depth analysis, but for a world that’s changed and shifted since then, written by the same fabulous hunter that did it before!

Our first instalment is probably the easiest one to work with: Player vs. Environment (PvE) talent choices for Ferocity pets, for all specs.  Stay tuned!


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