The Fabulous, All Purpose, Totally Auspiciously Awesome Acronym Lexicon

I have determined, as an avid guide writer and a fabulous person, that there needs to be an Acronym Dictionary for us hunting folk.

There are so many little three letter words that it can be difficult to remember them all.  The first World of Warcraft manual attempted to keep a small dictionary for a number of the terms, but it has been some time since then.

Like all languages, WoW speak has evolved in lots of little ways.  I think it’s about time we started tracking these small evolutions in the way we communicate.

Also, defining what DPS is in every post might get a little crazy, so putting all the definitions here would be a sound, efficient move on my part.  Like so many other things I do, right? RIGHT.

If any are missing or I got it wrong, which is BOUND to happen, it is your duty to tell me, either through my e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook page (found under the Contact Me! page) or in the comments on this post.

– Damage Per Second
Aggro – If you have it, the mob is attacking you.
SS – Steady Shot
ArS – Arcane Shot
KC – Kill Command
BW -Bestial Wrath
ES – Explosive Shot
ChS – Chimera Shot
CC – Crowd Control
AS – Aimed Shot
KS – Kill Shot
CS – Cobra Shot
FF – Focus Fire
LnL -Lock and Load
RF – Rapid Fire
FD – Feign Death
MD – Misdirection
AoE – Area of Effect
MQoSRDPS – Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged Damage Per Second




  1. Correction to your list, for all other classes dps is Damage Per Second, for hunters it’s Deaths Per Second! 🙂

  2. It would be if Feign Death didn’t exist!

    Naw, for hunters, DPS is Damage per second.

    Other classes are just trying to not Die per Second.

    … Yeah. /flexfeebly

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