How To BM: A PvE Hunter Guide Part 1

Hello everyone!

I’ve made a few alts, and while I was running lowbie dungeons and the like, I ran into several fledgling hunters.  Aren’t they adorable? Trying out the new pets, the shots… everything they did was new to them.   The thing is, they didn’t know how to spec, gear, or do anything.

I figure that, as a primarily BM hunter site, I should show people How To BM properly.  This is going to take a long time to do, due to classes and such, but with time and great fabulousness I will manage!

So, to whet everyone’s appetite, I will show you what I think is the best possible way to spec your BM hunter for PvE Damage!
Next time, I will go through the first half of the reasoning why I picked these!

Stay tuned.



  1. I look forward to hearing your next post on why you selected this build and how it’s working out for you. I’m interested in the gains you’re seeing from pathing and serpent sting. I originally had a build very similar then opted for my current build which doesn’t utilize those talents except 1 point in pathing. I instead put these points in sic em and careful aim for the focus and crit bonuses. Since as BM we’re so dependent on our pet’s performance more so than in SV or MM I thought the long term benefit would be better. Finally we have something different to compare lol.

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