True Facts about the Rocco: Thoughts

Well, it’s done! No need to read the teaser script, watch the actual video. Here, I’ll even embed it because that’s a reasonable and nice thing to do.

Now, with that done and watched, that was weird. Compared to the earlier videos in the series (a series which you can access here) , this was twice as long. Two times longer. It was a surprising amount of effort to make all the voice work and write the lines. I hadn’t made that many consecutive jokes since that one time I went into a pun war, and puns barely count of humor most of the time… though I do love my puns.

Thing is, after having watched everything and analyzed the differences between TFATRocco compared to TFATFroggy G or TFATVoltar, I realized that maybe a went a bit overboard.

The video is twice as long and I can feel it while watching the video. Most people I’ve talked to have said that, yeah, it’s funny; but everyone has said it’s a little long, so that’s something I can fix for next time. Keep it short and sweet.

Another thing I felt that could use work was the thematic writing of the piece. Froggy G’s TFAT video had one or two big jokes I ran with from multiple angle: stealing bikes, being psychotic, and being uncounterable. Voltar’s was about his hero complex and planting the idea that he had a lot in common with Napoleon Bonaparte, with the overlying message of mental awareness. Rocco’s? F#@$ed if I know. I tried to make a joke about his really stocky legs, but it really didn’t work as well as I would have liked.

Overall, it looks like the video came out nicely. Went a little overboard, but that means I can work harder to make less stuff next time and have it be better… somehow. Efficiency!