Moving Day

Some people might have been wondering what happened to me these past couple of weeks?

“This SlowWolf guy makes a wicked awesome video (which you can watch again here) and then barely uploads anything at all, just a bunch of Nuclear Throne stuff, which he sucks at. What the ^$%#?” is probably what you’re thinking. Dear reader, I am sorry for the lack of everything. I truly have failed the world. The sky hangs by a thread, and the reckoning is coming.

Or, most anyone stopped giving a $#^% and went about their daily lives. Either or, no big deal yo.

Regardless of what people thought, the reason for my being quiet lately is because… well… I’m moving.

For those not in the know, I went to teacher’s college and graduated this year from it. I’ve been looking for a steady paycheque, and having found none in my own country I staked a last ditch attempt at a job in the UK. Like some Hollywood movie with magical cats that grant wishes, I got a job in the land of the posh and the home of the queen within a week of applying for it, and the past couple of weeks have been a crazy roller-coaster attempting to get everything together for an intercontinental move.

Intercontinental: a word that sounds more like I have bowel issues than a distance, but I digress.

Point is, I’ve had to move, and as a result… the desktop I used to record from regularly has been left behind due to its size. It’s just me and Iris (my Dell Laptop) again, just like old times. Old times that, in hindsight, were frustrating ones indeed.

Recording will be more difficult, videos harder to create, and the content will probably still flow just as easily as before (read: incontinent). Poop jokes aside, I’m hoping my job will allow me to upgrade my capabilities while I’m in the UK.

So if you are wondering what has happened to me, I’m just setting back up again.