I found a thing: Link’s Awakening Medley (The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening) | Jazz Cover

So I’m surfing YouTube. Pretty normal stuff, I do it every day; however, today wasn’t every day. There’s a lot of crap on YouTube (including yours truly), but today I found something really unique and special.
Link’s Awakening Medley (The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening) | Jazz Cover

There’s something about Link’s Awakening. A lot of my love for it is nostalgia, no doubt, but there’s more to it. In a game about adventure, Link’s Awakening also happens to be tender, thoughtful, and heart breaking at different moments, all of this in a game from 1993. All the trademarks for a Zelda game are present; it certainly follows the formula future Zelda games would tire out like a worn shoe. Comfortable and surprisingly so; in need of a new pair down the line.

The music formed a major part of the game for me. Something I can happily say is that the cover I’ve linked to above does the music justice. Reinvention, through jazz, in such a way that it is creative and artistic without compromising the roots of the game’s melodies.

It’s absolutely worth mentioning that insaneintherainmusic is a fantastic arranger as well, and the solo artist here. Incredible talent and, I’m positive about this, a crazy amount of hard work goes into every video he’s made. I would definitely check out his other covers; he understands music in a way I never will, and it’s wonderful to listen to.