I’ve Been Tricked!



While making some chaos and wreaking havoc, I have come across something very important; for battlegrounds, you want a ferocity pet.

I learned this the hard way when another BM hunter sent a Spirit Beast into my face and I was unable to out-damage the mighty beast.  Fafnir is great for Arenas, but when damage is the name of the game a Cunning pet just cant do it as well as a Ferocity pet.

So, it was time to go hunting again.  I bid Radix goodbye as I felt it was time to try something new and learn more about pets.

Specifically, I got on the train to Wasp ville, and got one of the Sholozar wasps.  This is the picture on Petopia.

Bad.  Ass.  Twice my size.  Before Bestial Wrath.

Bad. Ass. Twice my size. Before Bestial Wrath.

Awesome no?

Here’s what I got.

Viewed from Hunter Zoomed Distance(HZD)

Viewed from Hunter Zoomed Distance(HZD)

This is, unfortunately, half the size I had expected, and this made me sad.  I almost dismissed the beast when… I discovered something amazing.

His wings sound like a cello.

That's more the size I was thinking of.

That's more the size I was thinking of.

But why nerf the size? How big of a problem is having a big pet? I suppose that having them be Boss sized is bad, but the LSD wasp of doom was huge… and we can no longer tame himher.  I see a trend…

Let’s just hope these purple guys don’t get the nerf bat.

He has a happy face on his forehead... Creepy.

He has a happy face on his forehead... Creepy.

Either way, the Drones in Sholozar Basin have been nerfed and I didn’t know until I caught one! They’re sleeker though…

Until further notice, Cello the Wasp is now a part of my pack! I’ll be using him in Battlegrounds and I will be attempting to see how he does in arenas as a ferocity pet.

I beg the question though: What do you think about large pets? Do you think they should all be roughly the same size? And what does nerfing them accomplish?

We’re Recruiting!

Watchoo want?

Watchoo want?

More blogroll updates!

I’ve been promising to do this one for some time, and yet every time I make to finally go through with it I forget.  Proof of a shoddy memory.

In any case, I’d like to present to you Kordwar, from WTF, Are You Survival?.

I’ve been reading from his blog for some time, and this Orc has got a great deal of PvP knowledge that has helped me to understand the Arena scene, what to do, and how to do it to an extent.  That said, the best piece of advice is to use your own brain and do what works for you.

Big, mean, and green, Kordwar is one of the only PvP hunter blogs I’ve found.  Actually, he’s the only one I’ve found.  Maybe I should give it a shot?

Welcome to the pack, Kordwar!.. wait, who are you bringing with you?


Huh? Who?

Huh? Who?

Why is he so important?

He writes a blog chronicling his journeys as a Human Rogue you say? Interesting.  So why is he here?


He drew the pictures.  That is a very good reason.  Plus, he writes really well and has brought up some interesting stuff so far!

Welcome to the Pack, Samyon! Here’s to the Record of Samyon!

The Start Of Something New

... blue?

... blue? Why blue? SO uncouth...

Well, It seems blogging is a disease.

And I spread it.  Which means I’m not the cure.

Which means I totally ruined that line.

A good friend of mine, ex-guild leader(not his fault), and squeakie priesty in training Eldadres has decided it was time to make a blog.

Like myself he also has a death knight in his employ, named Elnoriah.  That took me awhile to learn how to pronounce.  It’s like the spanish word El, with Moriah on the end if Moriah had an N to begin with.

And you thought my name could be confusing.  Although his does certainly roll off your tongue when you get it right.

So here’s to a new beginning! He’s burning Plagued Candles over there, so be careful about the smell.  Don’t break anything.  Be nice.

And find out where he keeps his brownies.

Welcome to the pack Eldadres, and good luck with Plagued Candles, the newest priest/DK blog on the interwebs!

Questioning The Populace

question_markThis is more of a curiousity thing than anything, but it’s something I hope will help Slow Wolf as a blog and as a source of entertainment and information.

As of late, I haven’t been posting nearly as much, and for this I apologize.  I really have been hit with job searching, spending time with Mrs. Klin, my friends, the family, and playing WoW for the first time in months.  The blog sometimes takes a backseat, which bugs me a lot.

Apparently, it has bothered a number of other people as well.  For the 2 months after I was mentioned on WoW Insider, I had roughly 300 visits a day.  Since coming home and my lack of punctual writing, that number has been halved, and it seems the trend is that it might continue like this.  It’s disheartening really, but it’s to be expected.

So what will I do? Well, I’m not going to stop writing.  I love writing, and I particularly love writing about WoW, so that’s not going to happen.  But I do want to have a readerbase! If I’m writing and no one reads it, this essentially turns into a diary, and I have never been good with diaries.

What I think I need is a new goal for this blog.  Ever since it’s inception, Slow Wolf has expanded in all kinds of different ways, and I think it might be losing focus.  Thing is, I don’t know what to focus on, and this is where I could use help.

I ask this question, readers; What works on this blog? What do you like about it, and what don’t you like? What needs to change, what needs to stay the same? Should I write and do a podcast or write to the exclusion of all else? Or should I stick to doing podcasts? Really, I need a review.  I need a grading, a mark, and some criticism.

My writing style is what it is, but the content can change.  What do you all think I should be writing about? Maybe more importantly, what do I write about best?

Thank you everyone for reading Slow Wolf, and I hope I can keep writing and having fun doing it while keeping you all entertained and informed.  Hopefully, with the responses and e-mails and such, I can accomplish that much at least.


Death By Healer Lives!

Connected with healing, Tantric with death.  0_o

Connected with healing, Tantric with death. 0_o

Just the announcement I was going to make, but was too excited and busy to do as early as I would have liked.

Mr. Connected, the man I met online a few days ago? He writes his own blog now, and I made him do it.

See my underling! See him now and be his followers!

But don’t break his stuff please, I helped move him in and a lot of that stuff is expensive.

A big hearty Slow Wolf welcome to Connected the Shaman from Death by Healer! Welcome to the Blogosphere… and to the pack!

How To Kill A God

By fang and claw!

By fang and claw!

Patch 3.1 is here, and it’s en force.  That’s French for “you’re about to get hit in the face”.

Things have changed for hunters.  Big changes, every tree, no exceptions.  None! So don’t go thinking you’re not changing, ’cause things are changing.

How’s that for redundancy?

The Beastmasters are having a field day with all the new stuff afforded to them.  Well, not really “new” per se for us, but the changes to our already existing abilities will change us quite a bit.

Okay, not much of that either.  Aside from the new pet talents, nothing has changed for beastmasters.

You guys have all read these patch notes, so I’m not going to bother doing anything but linking them.  However, there is something I will be doing: I’m going to detail what talents I will be using in our new raiding environment.  Although our talents may not have changed, our raiding environment has in a big way.

A note before I begin: I have been unable to to actually play for more than 2 weeks over the past year, so anything I say will require testing and a pinch of salt.

The spec I’m going to be using for raiding looks like this: 52/12/7

I have put together this spec from reading bloggers who have been able to play the game, and from the input I’ve been reading about what Ulduar is like for beastmastery hunters.  So far, not only is it fun/hard, but it’s also very different from what we’re used to.

From Chain Lightning to Firebreath, the AoE damage in Ulduar is huge.  You will be hit, and you will be hit a lot simply by being around.  This talent spec will hopefully address this huge change while increasing our DPS.

The beastmastery tree, to all intents and purposes is almost exactly the same as the earlier 53/18/0 build of yore.  Do you see the difference? It’s almost like finding Waldo, isn’t it? Happily, this is actually a lot more obvious.  Cobra Strikes is missing a rank, isn’t it? The reason is that we needed that point somewhere else.

If you’ll take a look at the Marksmanship and Survival trees, you’ll notice that things have gone either: 1) Crazy or 2) terribly wrong.  Not to worry everyone, the trees are acting normally.  In fact, this particular way of putting in the points makes a lot of sense if you think about it a little.  Allow me to explain.

One of the big glaring problems in the Marksmanship tree is that we are missing the Improved Arcane Shot talent.  We didn’t put any points in it! We’re also missing 2 ranks in Mortal Shots, a talent that’s normally maxed out.  So where did those points go?  This is where the Survival tree kicks in.

We have 5/5 ranks in Improved Tracking, which accounts for our missing points.  Improved Tracking increases all of our ranged damage by 5%, whereas Improved Arcane Shot only increases Arcane Shot‘s damage.  Arcane Shot is not the majority of our damage: annoyingly enough, it’s Steady ShotThanks to Pike from Aspect of the Hare, I’ve learned that Improved Tracking does more DPS than Improved Arcane Shot(I know it says “Pre 3.1” in the title of the article, but since nothing changed on our end, it still works).  In addition, I hate leaving talents half maxed, so I took 2 points from Mortal Shots to increase my ranged DPS by a further 2%.

That’s not the only reason I wanted to max out Improved Tracking: the other reason I put 5 ranks in it was to get to Survival Instincts higher up in the tree.  This talent perfectly meshes in with the Beastmaster tree, and yet it’s in the survival tree.  We should steal it…

We can discuss the heist at a later date.  For now, let’s concentrate on our big questions here: why Survival Instincts, and where did the points come from? The answer to our first question is simple: because it’s perfect for a beastmaster.  A 4% increased chance for Steady Shot and Arcane Shot to critically hit? That’s all win for us, as we love our crits, and these are our two most used shots to boot.  The more we critically hit, the more our pet crits, the more damage we deal.  Synergy is the name of our game, and we have it in spades with this talent.

The other reason we took Survival Instincts is for the 4% reduced damage from all sources.  Because of the rampant AoE damage in Ulduar, damage is something that can and will happen.  Anything we can do to lessen the damage a little bit is a bonus, and Survival Instincts is perfect for this: 4% reduction to all damage, and Increased chances to critically hit with our 2 most used shots.  Combined with the 5% from Aspect Mastery, and we’ve just gained 9% damage reduction from all sources.

The answer to our second question is easy to answer as well.  We took 1 point from Go for the Throat and 1 point from Cobra Strikes.  1 of these points is easy to justify: Go for the Throat(GftT).  We Beastmasters have a neat talent called Bestial Discipline; thanks to this talent, most of our focus problems are completely solved, and we have no need for 2 points in GftT.  1 point is still needed to keep our pet form being focus starved, so we didn’t take 2 points from here.  If I were to raid with a cunning pet, however, this would change things.  More on that later.

The second point we took was from Cobra Strikes.  Unfortunately, we needed all of our points form everywhere else.  Cobra Strikes, although a highly useful talent, needed to be cut down to give Survival Instincts its full power.  Hopefully, and this requires testing, the 4% increased critical hit chance to Arcane Shot and Steady Shot will negate the lost point in Cobra Strikes and keep our pet critting all the time anyway.

Equally important for us is how our pets are talented.  Beastmasters have two real choices when it comes to pets: Cunning or Ferocity pets.  Let’s take a look at how to talent our pets to our best advantage:
ferocity-talent-specThis is how a Ferocity pet’s talents should look like if your are going to raid with one.  We’ve taken as many DPS talents as possible in the hopes of maximizing our pet’s damage.  If you are still learning the ropes of Pet Management, then take 1 point from Shark Attack and place it in Heart of the Phoenix until you have mastered how to manage your pet.  It’s important to learn this skill as it is, in essence, how your pet will survive.  So learn to manage your pet!

Another change you can do is taking your points in Bloodthirsty and putting them into Improved Cower.  This does, however, shut out the opportunity to use Heart of the Phoenix if you need it.  It also makes Pet Death a bigger problem: it’s not possible to feed an unhappy pet while in combat.

Now, for Cunning pets, it should probably look like this
cunning-pet-talentsMost of these make perfect sense, and most of them can’t really be argued: you need all the points where we have them in order to maximize DPS.  However, you’ll notice something odd: I took Bullheaded.

This talent is, without a doubt, PvP centric.  Your pet dispels any effects that cause it to lose control, and it takes 20% less damage for 12 seconds.

Normally, you’d dismiss this talent: but we aren’t going to do that.  Why? Because that last part, “take 20% less damage for 12 seconds”, can save our pet.  When a fight starts getting really intense, our pet can and will be in the midst of a lot of harmful effects.  Using Bullheaded at a crucial moment can save our pet, and save our DPS.  It’s a poor man’s, every-cunning-pet Shell Shield with an added bonus of being able to regain control of the pet.

A big benefit to having a cunning pet is the Owl’s Focus talent.  Thanks to Owl’s Focus, you can take the last talent in GftT and put it in Cobra Strikes, filling it out completely.  This only works if you have 2/2 Owl’s Focus on the pet though.

In a nutshell, without any hands on experience, this is how I believe a beastmaster should be talented for a raid environment.  There’s really not much else to say other than test you talents, practice your pet management, and you’ll be alright when the Death God comes.

The Morning News

Goooood morning everyone.

Goooood morning everyone.

Good morning everyone.

Just a quick post before the real juice later today.(EDIT:Later Tonight!)

First, today already is looking terrible.  We have snow.  in.  APRIL.
I would rage, but I am too sophistimakated for that, with a K.  Ha! K.  Klinderas.  You see that? Man, I am so witty sometimes… I astound even myself.

Second, we have changed our contact information! You can now contact us here!
imageWe now have a spiffy G-mail for the site.  Woo!

Today, a little human boy was found somewhere near the Undercity.  When people asked why he left, he said it was because he got really lost.  From Elwynn Forest.

True story, humans can be really stupid.

In other news, a mid-level man attempted to rob a gun vendor with 7 patrons attending, and 2-3 guards outside the store.  The man is now currently attempting a corpse run, but they’ve hidden the body.  Good luck.

And now, for the Weather! How’s the weather, Colemand?


Well, yeah, but how is it snowing?


Thanks Colemand.

Now, we would have a guest on today’s show, but the Old God of death himself, Yogg-Saron, is still not available.  We wouldn’t expect him to pop up for weeks, though.

Well, that’s all for today’s Breakfast Morning News.  I’m you host, Klinderas! Good bye, and have a great day!

*cue outro music*

CLURO! You’re not supposed to put that up there!  It means to actually play it!

… /facepalm

Forget it.