Techniques Corner: The Jump Shot

Today, I’m going to tell you how to perform probably one of the most important techniques one can know as a hunter: the jump shot.  It’s doubly important if you’re as sexy as I am and just need to get away from a whole slew of women’s problems.

As a hunter, jump shots are pivotal for kiting and doing damage while moving.  I will illustrate how to do it with shitty drawings, since those seem to be the popular method.

Here’s me being stared at creepily by a ghoul.

Oh no, I don’t have any of my fabulous pets with me.  They’re all on vacation getting their fur washed, their scales trimed, or their chitin polished, ’cause I can afford that with the ridiculous amount of money I make.

Yes, I know I’m too cheap to afford a proper painter.  You shut up.

So there’s a ghoul, and he wants to eat my fabulous self.  Well, that’s not going to happen and we both know it, because I know how to jump shot.

Step 1: Make a strategic withdrawal.
So why do we do this? Because if anything is trying to kill a hunter, it’s trying to get into melee range.  Don’t let it! You must put distance between you and your stalker, unless you want to end up as its lunch (or stuck with it for lunch!).

Step 2: Jump
This is the most important part to remember about jump shooting: you have to jump to do it.  See what I did there to remember? It’s helpful.

So once you’re in the air, you have a precious few seconds of air-time before you hit that dastardly ground.

While you’re in the air, you cannot change which way you are jumping: you will continue to go the direction you started jumping in initially.  So in this case, on our 2-d plane of existence here, even if I turned up, down, or even left, I would continue to go right.

Here’s the part where you need to use a mouse, and not your keyboard.

Step 3: Turn
As you can see from my lovely illustration, I am still going to the right, but now I am facing the creepy ghoul.  Keep in mind, you can’t stay in the air forever.  Being able to turn to your opponent with a flick of the mouse is going to take some practice, but it isn’t hard in the least.

Okay, so once you are in mid air, and you’re traveling away from your opponent, you have choices.

Step 4: Fire ze missiles!
This is where you shoot the ghoul in the face with whatever instant speed shot you want.  Arcane shot, Explosive shot, concussive shot, even chimera shot are all shootable at this point.  Anything so long as it doesn’t have a cast time! Be creative, and be quick about it because most of this entire technique takes place within a 2 second time frame.

Once you’ve shot the ghoul, it’s time to hit the ground and make more strategic withdrawals!

Step 5: Hit the ground running!
Before you hit the ground, turn so that you are facing away from your target.  When you hit the ground, you should be still running away from the creepy ghoul!

As you can see, I went the same direction the whole time (as in, away from the creepy ghoul) and look! He’s been hurt and is starting to QQ at how OP it is that I can jump shot.  And now, you can be fabulous like this too!

Repeat steps 1-5 until the end result!

Experience points, gold, fame, ladies, pie, bathtubs, invites to nice parties, and not dying! These are all benefits of learning to jump shot, which in and of itself is integral to kiting.  Learn it.

For those who want an extra challenge!
Once you hit level 83, you learn Aspect of the Fox, which is a fun tool to use for jump shots.  Why? Because it allows you to jump shot Cobra/Steady shot too!

When you’re in midair at step 4, use Cobra or steady shot.  You will begin casting the spell.  Now try to time your next jump so you finish casting the spell while looking at your target!

Well, that about wraps it up…
So while I enjoy myself on a sunny beach somewhere, I fully expect the lot of you to practice this technique until you are covered in scrapes, bruises, and repair bills.  For you few who succeed, I expect you to be covered in nothing but amazing, ’cause otherwise you’re doing it wrong.

Be good everyone, and Happy Winter Veil!